110216 "Nutrient Timing"

Nutrient Timing and 'Re-loading' is crucial to optimize your training. Hopefully by now, many of you have developed a rhythm to a cycle by which you work and REST. Yes Rest.. It is just as important as the clang-n-bang.

Resting is vital and a great opportunity to restore your body to its full potential and mitigate any inflammation that may be happening. The concept is to stay conscious about your eating and adjust on days that you are not doing your normal activity.

On training days the demand for maximum protein fat and carbs are dictated by your training times and how you feel eating before or after your sessions. Rest days are a bit different as you need to keep the carbohydrates loaded with vitamins and minerals for optimum recovery. A typical plan would be to curb the sweet potato and rice on recovery days and load up the plate with lots of veggies and a diverse array of fats like nuts and avocados. Rest days are also a great time to plan out a big fish dinner, one that will give you the Omega-3's you will need for health and anti-inflammatory.

Training is all about balance and focus, if you want to stay on top and keep charging, you need to feel your body and feed it properly. Food is Fuel!!!!!

Hip Distraction/ Low Back Recovery

:40 Row for Cals
:20 Rest

Midline Mania:

KB Windmills
Strict Ring Dip


Cal Row
Wall ball
Double KB Step Ups