150216 "5 steps to meal Prep"

Whether it is athletic performance or weight loss or just Healthy living; Meal Prepping can help you save time and money on your way to the goal.

As a dad and athlete I look for ways to save time and keep up with my diet needs. I have come up with a program that has worked for me. Breaking Meal Prepping down to 5 easy rules or steps keeps it simple for me and I am sure easy for you too!

1) Shop For Success. Good Food begin with good ingredients. When you are shopping for groceries, take advantage of the highest quality foods you can find. Remember that your Food is Fuel, not just products that fill our bellies. Good food tastes better when it is prepared and will last longer over the course of the week or days depending on how long you prep for. Organic, Non-GMO, Local; do your homework and don’t just walk around grabbing things at the store that ‘look’ good.
2) Don’t Forget the Macros. Simplicity is what works for me. I am not my wife. She can make masterpieces out of anything but for me it is much different story. When I am preparing a menu or shopping at the store I stick to my macros. Protein, Fats, Carbohydrates. I have meals that I like that combine all three with the appropriate amount of each. meals that are ready in your refrigerator with three easy ingredients takes thinking out of the equation. Easy. Simple. Effective. Also this helps cut out all the excess that may be hindering you from losing those extra pounds, and keeps inflammation down.
3) Start Small. A couple Meals at a time. Meal Prepping comes in all sizes. I prefer a couple days or meals at a time for space purposes in the fridge but it also can keep the food fresh and the menus changing. If you know you are home every day for Breakfast and Dinner, then prepping an entire weeks Lunches might be another option. 5 Tupperware meals ready to go saves time and takes the guess work out of what to eat.
4) Spice It Up! By keeping a bottle of Siracha, Tabasco, Soy Sauce, Mayo… whatever…. can help kick up the flavors of your meals in an instant. When prepping meals I try and not use too much salt or unnecessary flavoring so that I can add later. When reheating your meals I prefer to do it on the stove top so that the nutrients and favors remain a part of the food instead of getting nuked out of it. If a microwave is all you have, try and use glassware to store your food in rather than plastic. Plastic not only can release cancer causing chemicals but it also sucks flavor and freshness out of food when reheated.
5) Stick to the Program. Meal Prepping is badass. If you are determined to reach your goals, save money and live better; keeping your mind and stomach focused is vital. As I explained before, this stuff doesn’t have to be extreme. Rather, you can prep a couple meals at a time and start small. You will succeed in whatever you do if you stick to it. If you have questions please grab me and we can do this together!


Banded Hamstring/ Low back Distraction

12 KB Sumo Deadlift
20 Mountain Climbers
12 Goblet Squat

Skill Development:

3X8 Romanian Deadlift

3X8 Pendlay Row

*alternate Between Exercises/ using the same weight for both.


4 Rounds For Time

20 Cals Row
12 Deadlift 225/155
20 Wall ball 20/14#