170216 "Zinc, the hidden healer"

As we peruse the isles of our health stores or shop online for the perfect mineral supplement.. chances are you are not looking for Zinc. Other minerals like magnesium, calcium, and potassium are generally what the leafless highlight. But Zinc is the mineral that quietly hides, helping our body normalize and recover from our training.

To expand upon Zinc we need to first look at the metabolic process of the cells in our body. Zinc is a crucial element in our diet as it has a direct effect on the insulin/glucose relationship. With Zinc in the bloodstream there will be adequate insulin production. When insulin is able to bind with our cells, glucose can be taken up by the same cells; this ensures adequate energy production and normalized blood glucose levels. When Zinc is deficient, insulin production goes down and therefore more glucose floats around the blood causing a host of metabolic problems like obesity and heart disease.

Secondly, cells love Zinc as it is a natural anti- inflammatory. Zinc is good at working to bully out metabolic waste from training hard. By clearing cells of waste they can recover and prepare faster for the next training session.

Finally hormone health is crucial in training as well as overall health. I have noted in many previous posts about the gut and hormone balancing; if hormones are thrown off then the mind and body go into a funk. From the Pancreas to the Vagus nerve, Zinc helps to regulate the messages that are sent throughout the body keeping it on track and ready for whatever life throws at it.

Pure Pharma makes a 'M3' product that has a good supplementation of magnesium (important) and Zinc. I like and take this product. Grass Fed beef is also a good source of this mineral. Either way, put Zinc on your list of important minerals in your life. Your well being depends on it!


Pitchers Stretch 1:00
Bully Stretch 1:00
Tricep Band 1:00

Double Under Progression. 5/10/15/10/5 Single Unders /Double Unders/Burpee


Gymnasty 15

1 Legless
:20 Ring Support Hold
1 50' Handstand Walk
12 Candle Stick to Pistol

Team WOD!!
Teams of 2,

Both partners run 400m Together, then 150 Double Unders. (split work as needed)
P1:40 Thrusters 95/65
P2: Front Rack Hold
(P1 may not work until bar is in rack, each partner must do 40 Thruster)
P1:30 Ring Dips
P2:Partner Holds Plank
(P1 may not work till plank is held, each does 30 dips)