180216 "Threshold Training"

Each week since the end of January I have been programming Threshold workouts that test your bodies ability to sustain maximum work output for a moderate duration. This week you have experienced one already..i.e. Cal Row/Deadlift/Wall Ball.

As we near the Opens season, (next week), I am going to give you a double dose of Threshold preparation. Just as the previous workouts, the skill and weight are not limiting factors. The threshold of your capacity is measured in your bodies ability to sustain repeated work load and your minds ability to prevail when your body begins to scream to stop.

Now I know many of you are not interested in the Competition side of CrossFit. But you all should be interested in finding out your limits. Your limits both physically and mentally. In everyday life you will be tested as your life meanders through its paces and circumstances dictate that you rise to the occasion.

I get it...It can be hard to correlate doing burpees against what you may encounter in life but I'm asking you to trust me on this. No matter the test or circumstance in your everyday life, mental and physical toughness will assuredly be required. My goal is not just to make you physically fit individuals but community leaders, social standouts, and moral champions. By testing yourself daily, you become stronger inside and out. This translates into a better you.. When a better you is realized, you are able to extend your reach into the world around you. Affecting Positive change in the world around you makes ripples in history... The process is tried and true. Look at any great leader.

So now you see my big picture. Doing CrossFit will change history... Haha kinda big thinking but hopefully you see my dream now!

Train hard and always train at your limits. Be the change you want to see in this world. It all begins here, in our CrossFit community.

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Lat Band Mobility :60 per side

Rotator Cuff Drillz and complex

12 Plate Ground to Overhead 45/35
12 Plate Lunges
20 Lateral Hops over plate

Skill Development:
Pressing Complex
*Build for 12 Minutes
-3 Push Press
-1 Push Jerk
-1 Split Jerk


8 Minute AMRAP

5 Hang Power Clean 135/95
7 Push Jerk
9 Burpee