190216 "Muscle Up"

Attaining the Muscle Up is actually not that big of a deal.. Really.. Gymnasts use the muscle up as a way to just begin their routines. In CrossFit we idolize the Muscle Up because it is a great example of capturing body position, strength, and coordination.

Either on the bar or the rings, the complex dance that is a full Muscle Up can be broken down in much the same way that our complex Olympic Lifts are. And despite your obvious apprehension about learning the movement, I promise you that if you set your mind and body to the goal... it can be attainable.

Today we will practice the different segments of the Bar Muscle Up. The Bar Muscle Up allows us to pull ourselves up over an object in the same manner as we would use in real life. Jumping a fence, pulling yourself out of a pool... all muscle up variations. Pulling against a static object (in this case a pull up bar) requires strength in pulling through the back, strength in closing the shoulder, and strength in the tricep press.

Breaking down the elements help to target strength. My job is to identify the weakest points and guide you to strengthening them. I challenge you to set your mind and body on the path to the muscle up. There is no greater feat than to be towering above the gym after completing one in a workout. You are on top of the world!


400m Run
10 Samson Lunges W/ Pass Through
10 Push Ups
200m Run
15 Ring Rows
15 Push Up
30 Double Unders
20 Squat Therapy
20 Push Up

Gymnastic Skill Development:
Bar Muscle Up;

-australian Pull up
-Negative Pull UP
-Dips on Pull Up Bar
-Explosive Pull Up
-Tucked Lat Pull Down
-Jumping Bar Muscle Up
- Negative Bar Muscle Up
-Full Movement


16 Min EMOM For Max Reps

Min 1: 50 Double Unders/ Max Muscle Ups
Min 2: Double KB Front Rack Lunges
Min 3: 10 Chest To Bar Pull Up/ Max Box Jumps
Min 4: Rest