010316 "What is Gluten"

Probably one of the most popular nutrition anti-heroes is gluten. Generally unheard of 10 years ago, now it seems that every mom and pop diner has a gluten free menu and even my socks are gluten free. But why and where did this come from?

Without trying to break down the anatomy of grains, I will simply put a general explanation HERE. The protein combination that makes up the gluten in grains will cause a host of digestive disorders to many and simply do not bother others.

Trying out a Gluten free diet began, as I recall, with the emergence of the Atkins diet in the 90's. Inflammation of the gut was beginning to be studied and causes for some diseases of the digestive system started to reveal Gluten as the culprit. Slowly many raw food diets and of course the Paleolithic diet jumped on board touting their way as a 'gluten free' way of living.

As I stated before some people are allergic to the protein and others are not. If you are a processed grain and/or bread enthusiast and wan tot shed pounds; I would encourage you to cut out the substances that contain gluten for a month to see how you feel. If you feel good and 'normal' after introducing it, you may be fine. If bowel changes occur or stomach irritation occur, you may be gluten intolerant.

Living Gluten free is easy in todays world here in the USA and most developed countries. Products abound with the label of 'gluten free' as much as you may see 'all natural'. There is money to be made with it. I know my wife buys certain products simply because of the marketing. I think its kinda horseshit but whatever. She is the one shopping.

As I stated before, going Gluten Free is easy and may help you with certain problems. I have seen it and its amazing. But all I ask is that you know the flag before you start flying it in peoples faces! Nothing is worse than an unfounded opinion. Jut ask these suckers that were interviewed in the Jimmy Kimmel show!


Banded Warm UP

15 Press
15 Good Mornings
15 Pass Thru

20M Banded Hip Activation (Lateral Walk)

4X Banded Buddy Pulls


400m Run

20 KB Sumo Deadlift 70/53
15 KB Snatch (swing if Beginner)
10 Toes To bar

400M Run

Cool Down:

Alternating Tabata:

Hollow Hold
Plank Hold