040216 "Eat Fat for Good Health"

Fat... The former Red-headed step child of the dinner plate. So vilified during the 70's and 80's that practically all food products still carry a low-fat or non-fat symbol on the packaging! The truth is, as far as Science tells us, Fat is actually 1) key for proper system function 2) essential for weight loss and overall health.

To give you a perspective of where the U.S. Government has determined our appropriate levels should be, let's do some number crunching. First off, the standard is 20-35% of total calories for the day. This is considered low fat dieting. This leave approximately 65% for protein and carbs.

Ok. Balance... I see their approach. But... in reality Americans consume probably a 45-50% ratio of carbohydrates and in the Fat category the 20% or so is primarily Omega-6 fats which is vegetable oils and some nuts. Omega-3 fats, our fish, coconut oil, nuts, flaxseed these are more expensive and consumed at a much lower rate.

Fats, still having a stigma and kinda confusing for most people are generally cautioned against. The health benefits of Good Fat is necessary for maintaining proper system function in the body. The Brain needs Fat to make brain connections and pass messages between neurons. Fat is necessary in the GI tract to keep the lining healthy. Fat is also ESSENTIAL for the Mitochondria in your cells. These power plants feed off fat in the blood system to keep healthy and reproduce ATP (energy) for you to keep going in a workout or life.

Without dorking out on you too much I will just tell you that Fats are also integral for weight loss! Carbohydrates do many things like destroy the lining of the GI system, spike the insulin levels in the blood, and are easily abused. All you have to do is look around right now and see what I'm talking about. Remember what I said about the 70's and 80's being a tough time for fats??

Well, Carbohydrates (especially the refined ones) quickly took the place of all fats for calories in food and it literally made Americans BALOON up and out of control. Obesity is higher in America than anywhere else and it is because we are told that fats are the enemy. I beg to differ.

Please understand I'm not asking you to lick the bacon pan every day but integrating healthy oils, nuts, and protein sources that are higher in GOOD FATS are a good start to develop a healthier you!. Balance is key, if you have questions just ask me.


Roll out and/or Band Mobility on Thoracic and Lats for 5 mins.
Rotator Cuff Drills.

5 Min Quality AMRAP
5 Ring Row or Pull Up Negatives
20 Plate Hops
20 Lateral Plate Hope Overs

Midline Mania:
:45 Sit Up
:30 Superman Hold
:15 L Sit
1 Minute Rest

3 Rounds For Time
75 Double unders
50 Mountain Climbers
25 Chest To bar Pull Ups