100216 "Changes for the week"

We have guests coming this week.

On Thursday Feb. 11 we will be closing the evening classes at Kukui'ula and hosting a Olympic Lifting Seminar with Coach Mike Burgener. Come and get coached up, you will get some good nuggets... guaranteed. The clinic will be at the Church Location.

On Friday Feb. 12th we are also going to close the evening classes at Kukui'ula for a Jump Rope Clinic provided by Rx Jump Ropes. The owner and staff will coach you guys up on the proper ways to jump, be efficient and more athletic. The seminar will be at 5pm at the Church Location.

We are blessed and lucky to have such a line up all in the same week. I highly suggest you take advantage of this opportunity and come to learn a bunch. These folks are the best at what they do.

Also, we are creeping closer to the CrossFit Opens season beginning on February 25th. If you still need to sign up click HERE. This is a 5 week party and no matter the skill level, there will be a workout for you!!


Rotator Cuff Mobility and Activation
10 Banded Pull Aparts
10 Banded Good Mornings
10 Banded Pass Thru
10 Banded Row

Snatch Warm Up;
3 x romanian deadlift
3 x hang snatch high pull
3 x hang muscle snatch
3 x tempo overhead squat @ 53X1
3 x snatch balance
3 x hang power snatch to OHS (hold  receiving position each time, each rep little deeper)
3 x snatch pull under
3 x hang (squat) snatch

Skill Development:

Build to a heavy Snatch in 15 Minutes.

Beginner: High Hang Pull Under/ OHS
Internediate: Hang Snatch
Advanced: From the floor (full squat catch)

Skill Competancy:
Odd: 20 Air Squats
Even: 10/6 HSPU
Odd: 12 Alternating Pistol Squat
Even: 4 Snatch @ 70% of Previous