020316 "Fish Oil; the complete supplement"

As a quick side note to tonights blog, let me just say that I am extremely proud of the participation I saw from 16.1 and the CrossFit Opens. I can see the excitement and I have witnessed the heart that each of you have put into the workout. You are all pushing yourself to be better than you were yesterday, that is living life to the fullest!

Now onto Fish Oil.

This powerful supplement is one of the most researched and proven animal based Omega-3 Fatty acid which has far reaching benefits for your overall health.

Reducing Inflammation is key to organ/gut/tissue health. Fish Oil triglycerides hunt out and flush out inflammation throughout the body. I can speak from experience that in a constant overuse of my knee and shoulder joints, taking Fish Oil has dramatically influenced my level of inflammation.

EPA and DHA are the key components to Fish Oil . Yes those are acronyms but you would want to nor should you remember what EPA and DHA are spelled like! But theses acids are key to the health aspects of Fish Oil. As Heart Disease runs rampant in American culture, supplementation and a healthy diet can keep the heart healthy as well as keep the brain functioning properly and eyes working well.

Omega3- fatty acids are missing in most modern diets. With most food products being of the mass produced/ grain fed variety; this vital health component is missing. Cognitive function in the brains of the young and old depends on an adequate level of Omega 3 to keep it going. Fish Oil is one step to making that gap up.

I 100% support the Pure Pharma brand when it comes to Fish Oil. Cristin and I have been taking it for many years and recently bought a case of it. If you would like to try a bottle or compare it to your current brand, I would gladly put this one up to the test. Pure Pharma maintains the highest standard in quality and freshness. NO Fish Burps... Ever... We are going to sell the bottles for 35$ which is less than what you will pay online. If you are interested, let us know.


Rotator Cuff Activation

12 Cals
12 Squat Therapy
12 Push Up


Back Squat

7@ 65% Tempo (2,0,1)
5@72% Free Tempo
3@80% Free Tempo
3@87% Free Tempo
5@72% Tempo (2,0,1)

Team WOD:

For Time;
100 Calories on Rower
*at each switch partners must preform 30 Double unders

;then as a team complete the following
60 Box Jumps 24/20
40 Front Squat 135/95
20 Push Press 135/95
10 Thruster 135/95