110316 "16.3; Start your engines"

Scaled or RX, this workout is going to tap into your mental game. At a time domain of 7 minutes you will be asked to push the gas pedal down and see who has the skill and efficiency to keep it going for the duration. Let's look at this one up close.

10 Reps of Power Snatch:

  1. Remember all the GHD Hip Extentions we have been doing? How about the romainian Deadlifts? All about Hamstring Recruitment right... The weight being light demands that you tap into your hamstrings for pulling power. Also, the midline is crucial for linking the repetitions together. Just as we have practiced in our pulling movements and drills, keeping the midline active and engaged the entire time will equal more reps and less chance of injury.
  2. The top of the movement is the lockout of the hips, knees, and elbows. This is also where our spine is straight and our diaphragm is able to relax for maximum O2 intake. If you are going to pause during a linked set of reps, this is a good point to breathe and reset the midline.
  3. Save the shoulders. This weight dictates that the hips be used so use a full hip extension and a slight re-dip during the catch. Slightly pulling yourself under the bar will save the shoulders and let them stabilize rather than pull during this movement. Your lats will be engaged but leave the heavy work for the muscle ups.

3 Bar Muscle Ups:

  1. Progression. Progression. Progression. We just came off last weeks Toe To Bar mania where I broke down the Kip (push/pull), the pike (midline stability during movement), hip flexion, and a finish. Similarly, the Bar Muscle Up demands midline control, a good bit of external loading on the shoulder during the kip, and a powerful pull to finish.
  2. Get the most out of point 1 to get as high as possible. This means simply that if you want to get high on the pull, use your Kip (push/ pull) to set you up for success. We will mobilize and once again go over creating tension through the shoulder to keep it safe and powerful. If you can wind up well on your kip you will see height on the glide and finally on the pull over!
  3. Watch the cast away when trying to link reps. Over the years I have found that athletes have a much harder time controlling the midline and Kip if they try to cast away into the next rep. Dip to finish the movement then lower yourself back to the bar and then go into the next swing. Almost drop straight down to ensure control and that you don't end up chasing your hips and torso way in front of the bar when you return to the bottom.

Good Luck and I hope these tips help you on your way to crushing 16.3!! Let's do this!!


Static Mobility: Lat band Mob/ Banded Bully Stretch
Dynamic Mobility: Banded Good Mornings/ Banded Lateral Walks/ Banded Pass Thru

Snatch Warm Up: 3-5 Reps @ Each
Romanian Deadlift
Down/ Elbows
Muscle Snatch
Snatch Drops
Power Snatch from hang 1/2/3

Muscle Up Progression: 8 Reps @ Each
Hang on Bar, Active/ Passive Shoulder Rolls
Active Shoulder Push/ Pull
Piked Kip (focus of maintaining Hollow)
Kip W/ Knee Tuck
Jumping Bar Muscle Up

7 Minute AMRAP

10 Power Snatch
3 Bar Muscle Ups

*Tiebreak will be time each time a muscle up set is completed.