140316 "So.. You do CrossFit... Well I heard..."

I am sure you have all come across the friend or relative that has been absolutely riveted by the fact that you do CrossFit. The scene usually takes place in a social situation like a family party or out to lunch with friends.. when the topic comes up. Some times revealing that you do CrossFit comes with smiles and congratulations but often times you are met with scoffs or an immediate statement about what your friends have heard about what goes on in the box and what happens to people who do CrossFit.

Usually it comes down to these statements:
1) I don't do CrossFit because its dangerous.
2) I dont do CrossFit because I don't want to get too bulky.
3) It is too hard.
4) I don't like to work out with a group.

Now... I can already hear your chuckles. You know you have heard these exact things, and you know how incredibly false they all are. Well, I am sure you have had to gather yourself and offer rebuttals to the comments so I have compiled a list of helpful facts that can assist you in educating others.

  1. Muscles Burn more fat! The idea behind strength training and CrossFit training more specifically is to offer a diverse fitness method that incorporates not just 'cardio' but also strength development. As we look at our muscles we must see just how very important they are to support our skeletal system and balance us metabolically. Muscle cells require much more energy (calories) to sustain so just by adding more muscle to your body, you will burn more calories and fat. Muscles also take up less space in your clothes. Tom Holland, MS, CSCS, author of Beat the Gym, states that fat takes up 18% more space than muscle does so when you put on muscle, your clothes will fit better.
  2. CrossFit has a profound effect on your endocrine  and metabolic systems. Through the High Intensity Interval Training, Weight Training, and Gymnastic skills; your body and mind find balance which stabilizes hormones and is a hedge against metabolic diseases like diabetes. Ask your friends when the last time they experienced total clarity after their 30 minute jogging session. They probably will answer... never...By integrating CrossFit in your fitness, it has been shown that you think clearer, are more calm in high stress situations, you are able to maintain steady blood sugar levels, and your mood will improve.
  3. Today in the United States there are estimated to be 26,000 car accidents where people get injured. Life is risky, and unless you choose to wrap yourself in bubble wrap or sit in your home rotting away on the couch you will probably put yourself in a position where risk of injury may occur. Mitigating risk of injury is the entire reason why you do CrossFit. By being fit and developing muscle to support your skeleton, learning balance so you are not clumsy, and cardiovascular strength so you don't get heart disease; you essentially are taking risk out of your life. Being strong allows you to live life to the fullest and avoid injury.
  4. Community. The reason why your group of friends has probably changed since you began CrossFit. The community is supportive, loving, and challenging. By being accountable to the group helps keep you on point and focused on getting better. The camaraderie of group fitness fulfills a very human need to be a part of something. Over the many years of me being a coach I have seen adults who never played sports growing up, just blossom as people and leaders in the CrossFit gym. This human connection helps to make positive impacts on the greater community even outside the gym. Just as social clubs have been a standard in societies throughout history, CrossFit just links that with health and fitness. Pretty cool mix.

Now CrossFit is hard. You know it. I know it. Some friends may never get over that and for this reason, CrossFit is not for every one. Also, in your social situations don't try to convince or sway anyone to join or flip on their fitness persuasion. It does not work. All you can do is educate. Educating your friends about health and fitness is more important than having them join the gym. If you can be the leader that you have become because of CrossFit and help guide the world towards better health, then you have done enough. If your friends and relatives are interested show them, otherwise take pride in knowing that you have risen to the challenge that most will never be able to.


5 mins to roll out lats and deltoids *lacrosse ball/ roller

8 Min Quality Warm Up
1oom overhead KB Carry (50 m L/50m R)
14 Goblet Squats
25 Toe Touches
2 Wall Climbs

Skill Development:
Handstand Push Up Progression
-Tripod *head to floor
-Piked Handstand Push Up
-Tripod straddle to kick out to plank
-Tripod straddle kick to wall
-Box Handstand Push Up
-Banded Handstand push Up

'Chipper' AMRAP 16

100 Double Unders
80 Wall Ball
60 See The Lights 25/15
40 Handstand Push Ups/ Strict Press 95/65
20 Pull Ups