150316 "Soy.. What you should Know"

Despite it being touted as a health food, much of the soy grown in America is largely a GMO crop processed with herbicides, fungicides and pesticides. It is grown cheap thanks to the very generous Farm Bill that is passed through Congress very easily.. (refer to previous blog posts) and used in almost all packaged foods as a  filler or preservative. Food Products at the grocery store are more often than not, filled with soy and derivatives of soy products. Just like its cousin, Corn; the processing and variety of uses make it an easy go to for companies as they look for cheap ways to add weight for cheap to their products.

Soy contains high amounts of unavoidable metals which are used in the processing and washing of the product. Soy products then suppress thyroid function by interfering with iodine utilization in the thyroid gland. Along with messing with the endocrine system, Soy can make your digestive tract not work so well. Soy products contain 'Anti-Nutrients' which are enzymes that inhibit absorption of key nutrients in the gut. (And you know I am a big fan of a happy gut!!) Soy increases estrogen levels, making it a poor choice if you are estrogen dominant or suffering from hormone imbalances.

Keep in mind that traditional soy consumed for eons is completely different product than the soy in today’s soy products. The soy in traditionally made dishes and sauces are made from organic, aged, fermented and consumed in a diet that is well balanced. This type of Soy product are still found but should be differentiated between what you see on labels in the grocery isle.

By limiting or removing soy from your diet, just as you would Gluten, can be a way to rebalance your hormones and gut permeability. If you are going for a cleanse or trying to discover more about what is making your body tick... cut this product out completely. Shootz, just being conscious of the labels of your food products will be a real eye opener. I guarantee many of you Protein bar consumers will be shocked to find just how much soy filler is in each bar you crush.


5 mins To Roll Out IT Band, Calfs, Quads

400m Run
5 Jump Squats
10 Push Ups
15 Banded Good Mornings
400m Run

Skill Competancy:
'Deadlift Barbell Conditioning"
5X10 Deadlift @205/155

*Use a 1:1 Work/Rest Ratio

Partner WOD:

0-3 Minutes
P1- Row For Cals
P2- Box Jump Overs 20"
3-6 Minutes
Switch Positions
6-8 Minutes
P1- Row For Cals
P2- Burpee Box Jump Overs 20"
8-10 Minutes
Switch Postions
10-11 Minutes
P1- Row For Cals
P2- Box Jumps 20"
11-12 Minutes
Switch Positions

*Key is smooth transitions, keep moving the entire time. Communication is vital.