180316 "16.4.,Know your limits"

Well Here it is. 16.4 gives us exactly what we have been training for. The Triplet of deadlift/Wall ball/ HSPU. Over the course of the past couple months we have been combining these elements in a multitude of ways and messing around with time domains to truly know or limits.

As we will go over, the Chipper puts you against yourself in order to find out who knows when to push and when to back off before the redline is tapped. Let's look at each piece of this workout and break it down;

1) The deadlift is loaded moderately, thank God. I am encouraged about this 225/155 because it is something that I am sure is attainable for everyone. Speed and intensity will be relative to you as an athlete but manageable nonetheless.
First off, 55 Deadlifts is pretty much a workout in and of itself. In our usual 21-15-9 rep scheme that is a few less than what we are asked to do here. So , remember what you feel like at the end of this and develop a plan from there. The key to remember is that you do not want to hit a max set out of the gate and then have nothing left for the remaining 30-45 reps. Pick a conservative number and stick to it. If its 5 sets of 11... so be it. If you can mange that and minimize your rest then you will be more efficient overall.

2) Wall Balls are where you can gain time back from taking three or more breaks on the Deadlift. In my experience and yours as well, there is always energy to do one more wall ball. BUT... Still remember that if you redline at 30, stop 3-5 reps before you get to that point. If you push the wall ball toss you put your hips and shoulders in Jeopardy of getting smoked for the HSPU.
Begin with foot position and distance from the wall. Your foot position should be conducive to an efficient squat and the distance should allow for a good toss and bounce off the wall. Repetition of movement equals more reps.
Catching the ball should be the same every time. Keep your hands 6-8 " in front of the face so that you catch the ball and it settles between your hands and the chin. Keeping your hands too close can result in your ball bouncing off your fingers and chin, moving all the weight forward. Also, your elbows should remain below the ball and not aimed back behind you. Think Physics.

3) Rowing is where you can catch your breath and settle in. For you short athletes, you need to find length in your pull by returning on your catch all the way to the chain guide and pulling through the movement as long as possible.
If you can stay on a 1 CAL /Pull rhythm then you will be in a good zone. Remember to breath and keep the pulls powerful. Speed does not necessarily mean that you will get done faster.
* As you recall from our rowing drill the other day; your strokes per minute don't necessarily mean more cals over the course of the session. The monitor likes to see powerful pulls over speed.

4) The Handstand Push Up is a movement that we will all succeed at. Smooth is fast as we must perform the Push Up to a target and it is easy to speed up and miss the extension.
We have covered numerous times; just how important the tripod and finish position should be. You will see why I have not let you modify the ROM.
What I warn you about is the repetitious slamming of the neck on the mat. Unfortunately, impact is inevitable but you can lower under control and not 'hang out' on your neck in between reps. This way you will be not suffering from a broken neck at the end of the workout.
55 is a lot of reps so I recommend humbling yourself and kicking down early. As soon as you go to failure with your shoulders, you are done. Period. The shoulders are fickle and it is better to do singles than to hang out upside down trying to fight for another rep.

Let's all kick some ass and have a blast doing this workout. I am excited to see us crush this as a gym.


Lat band Mob/ Banded hamstring Pulses

Dynamic Mobilty:
:15 Row @ 70% intensity
:30 Easy Row @50% intensity

12 Iron Cross
12 Glute Bridge W/ Reach
12 Scorpion Stretch
12 Berry Pickers

Romanian Deadlift @ 135/95
Pendlay Row @135/95
HandStand PushUps


13 Minute AMRAP
55 Deadlift 225/155
55 Wall ball 20/14#
55 Row For Cals
55 HandStand Push Ups

*scaling as necessary according to rules!!