210316 "Which WHEY do you swing??"

Protein Powders are very popular and I answer many questions about which to use, which are good, and how much to take. Athletes in the CrossFit world are usually looking into these products and asking questions a few months after beginning; Once they have the Reebok CrossFit Shoes and a new workout shirt for every outfit.

Protein Powders are everywhere. From Costco to your local Drug stores you can find the giant tubs with their impressive logos, so first I must explain why they are so prevalent and why you have probably heard about heir use.

Whey Protein powder begins it creation when milk separates during a cooling or fermentation process. A layer of amino acid filled liquid is separated, essentially in pure Concentrate form. With this being noted, you can get a very concentrate form of Whey Protein just from drinking milk. Just as milk is easily accessible and produced in so many forms, it is easy to process out the whey itself. Hence the prevalence. Now for the reason why people talk so much about it. Beyond what the muscle heads say; Whey Protein has significant health benefits.

The health Benefits of Whey protein include;
1) Building Muscle
2) Supplies Essential Amino Acids ( for both muscle support and overall health)
3) Improves Immunity
4) Boosts Seratonin in the Brain
5) Reduces Cortisol levels ( the stress hormone)
6) Fights Cancer causing inflammation
7) And My Favorite: A High Biological Value which aids in GUT Health!!
-The list can go on and on....

Differences in Whey Protein Powders comes down to Concentrated Forms and Isolated forms. Lets' cover that next.

Whey Protein Concentrate is simply that. The concentrate form takes the Whey with all of its good stuff and gives it to you in a slightly lower protein content. As I have researched, Whey Concentrate contains about 80% Protein which is lower than an isolate but it contains: enhanced Growth Factors, biological lipids ( milk fats), and lactose.

Why Protein Concentrate is great for the Pre and Post Workout supplementation as it contains the lactose and digestible fats necessary to sustain and rebuild the systems at different levels of physical exertion. The problem with Concentrates is the obvious Lactose Intolerance that some people have. If you do not handle Dairy products or are prone to inflammation, then Concentrates are not for you. But if you want a broad spectrum of amino acids and other health benefits at a reasonable cost, Concentrates can work well.

Step inside a GNC or other retailer and the proteins on the top shelf with the shiny packages will probably be labeled "Isolate". Whey Isolate is pretty self explanatory. Through a ionic, filtering or other system; the Whey is stripped of the Fat and Lactose ( and many of the good biological enzymes) to produce a product that is 90%+ Pure Protein. Not only  will they have a heftier price tag, they will also get you a better digestible Protein... In General.

Now you can go wild buying the isolates. I have been sold every form and type of this stuff for years and when the producers strip the WHEY down, they will probably add other things back in like Milk minerals (calcium, magnesium) and a larger spectrum of BCAA (branch Chain amino acids). If you want to go this route I suggest you begin trying now and do not settle on one brand or type until you find one that work with YOU!!!!!! It can take years... Trust Me....

So as you can see, Whey Protein works well, is easy to produce and can be modified in many different ways to get you the result you want. My suggestion is to read up and educate yourself first and just know that the Protein game is and should be just a supplement to your overall whole food diet!!!

*And if you really want some supercharged stuff, just go straight to the cow... COLOSTRUM is the milk that calves get right after birth. It is the best stuff you can get for building muscle and is a powerhouse of healthy amino acids and enzymes. But we can save this for another day!!

Squat Flow

400m Run
12 Samson Lunge W/ Pass Thru
20m Banded Hip Activation

Strength Development:

Back Squat @76%

Rest Exactly 3 mins between sets


10 Thruster 115/75
10 Chest To bar Pull Up/ or 2 Rope Climb
*if you finish move onto next
3-6 min
12 Thruster 115/75
12 Chest To bar/ 3 Rope Climb
*if you finish move on
14 Thruster 115/75
14 Chest To bar/ 4 Rope Climb
*if you finish move on.