230316 "Why diets don't Work, Part 1"


Today is the beginning of a two part series on why diets do not work. Dieting, in its essence, is a temporary fix for a long term problem. What I will explain is that a holistic approach to your lifestyle must be regarded as the ultimate cure for ailments, behaviour modifications, and overall health and wellness.

So let's begin with the neuroendicrine system, a simple place to start

right? Well deep inside your brain lives a very small but very important part called the Hypothalamus. Think of this as the thermostat in your house which regulates the temperature and if you have one of the new fancy ones it controls security, lights... the whole bit. That is what the hypothalamus does, controls the homeostasis of the entire body; this includes the autonomic, behavioural and endocrine systems.

WOW that is a lot of shit for a small portion of the brain right? Yeah... but it was totally necessary as we developed into intelligent beings and grew with the planets ever changing environmental demands. The hypothalamus told us to not burn energy when famines came, gave us the sensation that sunlight was good for the body,and allowed us to process sensory information over thousands of years.

Well this beautiful piece of natural development is also what regulates your own bodies weight by what neuro scientists call your "set point". The hypothalamus you were born with is what has been regulating you and watching you grow for many years. The average amount of energy burned, fat stored, and calories needed is directly proportional to the standard it was given at birth and throughout your life. Now the interesting thing about this device in our brains is that scientists have found that your 'set point' does not go down easily. That is you cannot diet your way into changing your hypothalamus; but it can go up. Chronic obesity and folks that are overweight can actually turn your 'set point' up!

Crazy right!

The good news is that this incredibly smart part of the brain is actually dumb to the outside world. Which brings me to external influences on the internal parts of the body. With mindful living and eating habits done over the course of years, you can maintain your hypothalamus and teach your brain to live on an even plane without desires or cravings. What I will get into tomorrow is the this idea of the 'Intuitive Eater".

The hypothalamus is the key to your wellness success. Understand it and you will understand the bodies process better! Ponder that for the night. See you tomorrow.


Lat band Mob/ Bully Stretch/ Scapula Distraction Mob

Snatch Warm Up;
3X @ Each Movement
-Straight Legged Deadlift
-Down/ Finish
-Elbows High
-Muscle Snatch + 2 OHS
- Snatch Drops 2,4,6
-Snatch Balance
-High Hang Power Snatch
- Hang Power Snatch +OHS

Barbell Conditioning:
7X :90
Power Snatch
7 @60%
*complete the amount of reps in the required time, if there is time left you may rest and load bar for next round.



7 Push Jerks 125/85
9 Burpees