250316 "16.5, OH SNAP"

Well, I can honestly say that I didn't see this one coming. Cristin and I went back through the years and plotted the repeats that were possible and this workout (formerly 14.5) drew our attention but never made it to the short list because we already did the burpees!

Thusters... Yes I knew that there was a VERY high probability that these would be in the workout but would they be paired with another element or perhaps a couplet? Well, no I know.

In 2014 I had the privilege of being on the floor and watching Froning, Holmberg, Briggs, and Thorisdottir go at it. They blew me away with how incredibly smooth it looked. I even got duped into believing that I could beat their times. I was dead wrong.

This couplet and rep scheme are surprisingly deceiving. I know that one of my coaches threw up during this workout, another member spent almost 40 mins trying to complete it RX! So don't get wrapped up in trying to pace yourself like the studs in the announcement, play your own game and make it through efficiently!

Here are some tips;

  1. Thrusters need to be made as easy as possible. Mobilizing so that you have perfect vertical Front Squat form and an open shoulder will do you a lot of good. Imagine yourself as a piston in a car, moving up and down with no deviations. Getting the hips, shoulders and wrists supple is key.
  2. The Thruster itself is weighted just right! Getting big sets in the beginning and resting at the top of the movement with the bar overhead will allow you to get good breaths without dropping the bar. All this being said, if the weight is a lot to handle, do not go to red line or try to make the movements too fast. Breaking up the sets into nice numbers will allow you to keep the pace quick. Have your judge count out loud your rest seconds and encourage you to get back to the bar .
  3. Burpees are gonna get messy. You will probably reach a point where your chest will feel glued to the floor and you won't want to get up. Move past those thoughts quickly. I guarantee that you have the mental strength to get your ass up off the floor and stand tall. Have that much respect for yourself. To keep the 'get up' less taxing, try to open the foot stance and allow yourself to jump into a squat stance rather than pull your feet close together under your chest. You will be rewarded with a low back that is not smoked after the 21's!
  4. Light at the end of the tunnel. Once you get through the 15 thrusters the workout is pretty much over. Make sure you have gas in the tank to pick up the pace; especially in the 9's. Sing a song, turn your brain off, focus on your breathing, whatever it takes, just move quickly at the end.. towards your goal.

Good Luck and congratulations on another amazing Opens year. Take account of what worked and what needs improvement. Let me know and we can address these things. I am all about transcendence. Move yourself from one achievement to the next struggle. Achieve that and repeat. This is how we move forward and keep ourselves growing as people and athletes.


Wrist Mobility: 2X :20 Banded Distraction, 10X Reverse Hand Push Ups

Tricep Mobility: 2X :20Raptor Claw banded Mobility/ Lat band Mobility

Squat Mobility: 20m Banded Hip Activation, Squat PNF, Squat W/ T spine Mobility

5X 10 Cals on Rower. Pull Hard and then let heart rate come down to just about normal before going again.

16.5 ... For Time

Thruster 95/65
Burpee Over Bar