290316 "Immortality is coming"

I would like to first applaud the hand full of people who saw the whole CrossFit Games Open through to fruition. You assuredly learned something about how deep you can dig and in turn learned a whole lot about yourself!

Now. Did you know that in the next few years we could be using technology to halt or delay the aging process? Crazy right?

Let me put this into perspective. The tech giants of the silicon valley are not just concerned with how to search for things on the internet or how to develop business solutions, they are trying to find ways to keep you alive indefinitely!!

In the Link to the Popular Science Article  I found, you can read about how there is some big money out there for solutions to this ver HUMAN problem. As a response to diseases like Alzheimers, and stress, experts are looking to sidestep the effects on the human body to allow you to maintain your cellular health and resiliency.

Stress and disease are killers. Look at every sitting president.. Watch how they quickly lose all color pigmentation due to stress while in office. Dementia and other brain diseases are also being shown to have the root cause in stress and inflammation. If you can't manage it, HACK IT!

2016 can mean immortality for you... Who knows.


Rotator Cuff Drillz

Hip Mobility Drill

6 Min Quality AMRAP

12 Wall Ball
12 Med Ball Sit Up
24 Toe Touches
:20 handstand Hold
Skill Development:

Kipping Pull Up Progression


1 K Row
50 Barbell Thruster
30 Pull Ups

Strength Competancy:

BackSquat 3X6 @76%