310316 "USA Olympics 2016"

As many of you may already know.... I am kinda keen on USA Gymnastics. From our athlete development to world class coaches, the Mens and Women of USA Gymnastics look strong going into Rio 2016.

Beyond that, I would like to say that this Olympics; though mired in the usual politics and rants about the host country, is set to be a great display of American Greatness!

Does that sound Crass? Hell Ya. I am sure truly a patriot when it comes to the olympics. Sport transcends the politics, social problems, and gossip that makes me frustrated about the USA. The athletes on stage at the Olympics are champions of persistence, determination, and camaraderie. The USA has been making and bringing forth amazing athletes since the Olympics began in 1896... which we crushed in gold medals by the way!!


is a video highlighting the Womens Gymnastics program. Watch, get inspired and fired up because the Olympics are coming and you will be able to appreciate the amazing humans excelling at what they love. Just like you do every day in CrossFit.




Lat Band Mobility/ Bully Stretch

30 Double Unders
25 Push Ups
20 Jump Squats

Skill Development:

3 Strict Press @ 73-76%
:20 Overhead Hold after 3rd Rep
*Rest as needed between Sets



5 Rounds Of:

Min 1: :30 Hang Squat Clean 125/85
Min 2: :30 Ab Mat Sit Up
Min 3: :30 Jerks @ 125/85