010416 "What the Heck is a PREbiotic"

Probiotics.. The healthy bacteria that keep our digestive system and immune system running well and free of harmful bacteria. These we know. Food Producers are rapidly finding ways to fortify their products with these little buggers or hype up the fact that their products contain these good guys.

But what are PREbiotics? Well, prebiotics are essentially food for the good bacteria in your gut. Gut bacteria love to eat these non digestible products as they fuel growth and activity. The skinny on these products is that they are non-digestible carbohydrates that are full of fiber.

Our digestive system is a fascinating place. Let's take a quick look... Lets say you eat raw kale or asparagus. Pretty hearty and rather fiberous I think we can all agree. Well, as this otherwise useless carbohydrate enters into the stomach and further down the digestive system, Bacteria use it as a food source and what they produce is great for our health. Not only does this fiber rich food get used for something other than to help grandpa take a poop, the bacteria metabolize it and in turn create short chain fatty acids and other enzymes that keep our digestive lining healthy and gives us essential balance to our otherwise turbulent system.

Here are some cool facts about PREbiotics:
1) They produce Butyric acid which helps keep the lining of the intestines working properly.

2) Lowers PH in the stomach. This helps keep pathogens and CANCER from forming.

3) Enhances our ability to absorb vital minerals like calcium, magnesium, and iron.

4) Lowers GHRELIN in the stomach which is the enzyme that tells our body we are hungry. So eating high fiber probiotics can help you maintain proper hormone levels and help with weight loss.

Now for some real truth.. You probably do not eat enough of this stuff. High fiber, prebiotic foods are primarily not grab and go choices at the local grocery store. Also they are devoid of sugar... Not a cool thing for Americans. The recommended daily amount is a mere 12 grams and yet we still can't hit that mark.

Here is a list of some great choices for PREbiotics:

  1. Raw onion & Cooked Onion
  2. Raw Garlic
  3. Raw Kale
  4. Raw Asparagus
  5. Artichokes
  6. Yams
  7. Jicama or other rooted vegetables.

I have been touting the importance for gut health for a few years now so I hope that it is starting to sink in. Keep your eating conscious and your shopping on point. My goal is to get you all looking good on the inside just as I have been doing on the outside.


60m Shuttle Sprints
15 Ring Row
15 Push Up
50m Skipping Forward and reverse
15 DB Bent over Row (ea arm)
15 Ring Push Ups
40m Carioca
15 Strict Pull Up
15 Burpee

Skill Development:

Practice Muscle Up Progression for 15 Minutes
-Jumping Muscle Up
- Negative Muscle Up
-Muscle Up Pull Through
-Hips to rings P/U
-Ring Dip Supports


Chest To Bar Pull Up
Wall Ball