070316 "Whats your mantra"

Watching 16.2 go down this weekend I was struck by the focus during the Toes To bar. As many of you know, this workout was all about keeping your mind focused and on track. While there was success in keeping it together I also saw many lose their minds and become unglued.

There was a time when my training completely revolved around the US Navy SEALS. I read, sought out, and studied the ways that these regular human beings are taught to push their minds and bodies into a zone that makes them more aware and capable. Truly amazing. I could list many things that I learned but one key aspect is positive self talk...

Positive self talk is paradigm that encompasses your strengths and goals. When you harness your thoughts and keep them in your consciousness, other doubts or even physical pain can be blocked out.

Developing a Mantra is a simple and in many ways an illustrative way to keep your mind focused. A Mantra in the SEALS is something like "Easy Day" , "Failure is not an option" "If I can take it, I can make it". Simple, effective.

Using this training during the physical stress of a hard workout can be a lifesaver. The mind is great at being resilient. Our training in physical fitness is simple. Quite literally it is just repetitive movements that require little focus when we know them as well as we do. IF the body can just keep moving, focused on the goal or mantra rather than our pain receptors, amazing things happen.

You are capable of 1000 times more than you think you think. Positive self talk and Mantras can help you break boundaries and get to that point. Try developing one today!


Banded Hamstring Distraction

Tabata Linear and Lateral Agility
8 Rounds :20 on :10 off

Skill Development:

Single Leg Deadlift W/ Barbell

Pendlay Row

*Consistency during fatigue/Working towards goals

Min 1: 20/15 Cal Row
Min 2: 10 Deadlift 275/185
Min 3: 20 Wall Ball 20/14#
Min 4: Rest