080316"Reward Based Learning, Mindfulness"

Mindfullness. Consciousness. All a part of gaining greater understanding of you, your actions, and the world around you. In the above TED talk, Judson Brewer lines out the scientific version of what I have written about for many years in my Blog.

Mindfullness is a form of taking stock in your actions and feelings before you make them. Mindfulness is a process of being present and not reactionary to the world around you.

As Brewer lays out a clear pathway towards one outcome of Mindfulness, breaking bad habits, we can use them daily to check our emotions and actions. In physical training I have written about being present as a way to boost performance and keep the mind under control. You can break the chain of impulse/reaction to more effectively integrate impulse/acknowledgement/rational action. 

Every day, every moment we can use the process of being present and mindful to better our lives. As a husband I use it constantly to keep my relationship great with my wife. As an athlete I use mindfulness to understand and respond to what my body is saying. As a community member I am drawn to present thought to help me empathize with everyone around me.

Try the acknowledgement routine slowly and you will find that your quality of existence will dramatically go up! Soon we will all benefit from this change!



10X Leg Swing/Squat Therapy/ Cherry Pickers
400m Run
10X Reverse Hand Push Up/Blackburns/Divebombers
400m Run

Squat Flow

Front Squat
*In 18 Mins, Build to a heavy 1 Rep for the day.
*Try to stay within 7 sets.

Then 2X5 @ 79% (tempo 2,0,1)


12 DB Thruster 45/30
20 Box Jumps 24/20"

Rest 3 Mins, Then Repeat.