110416 "Plant based VS. Animal Proteins"

There is no doubt that I'm seeing some serious gains happening. 2016 has lit a fire in many of you and I'm seeing those in the 6-12 month training phase really starting to see things click. More often I am answering questions about nutrition, supplementation and the real 'meat and potatoes' of training. You are starting to really see that physical training is just a small sliver of optimal health. The real work is done with food!

Often I find that Protein supplementation is one way that athletes go to for making up either calories or quick protein intake. I often write about this topic and I emplor all of you to go back and review my previous blogs on the subject.... But that aside, I often answer questions about the difference between whey and plant based proteins. This article is meant to shed clear light on the differences and benefits to both.

To Begin....

Whey or Plant based... Protein is vital. Both types of Protein provide amino acids for muscle repair, balance blood sugar which can aid in healthy weight loss, make immune cells, and neurotransmitters which are vital for brain health.

Now for the benefits of animal based proteins (WHEY and otherwise). Animal based proteins are a complete protein. This means that the amino acid profile will be synthesized by the human body to keep muscle function and health working properly. Also there are BCAA (branch chain amino acids) in animal based proteins that are essential for muscle development and growth that are simply not found in the plant based varieties.

And I will put this to you straight.. Plant based proteins will not give you the BCAA profile that will help you build muscle.

Animal proteins also balance the immune system and hormones. Whey protein contains immunogloubins that boost your body's ability to defend against disease. This does include powerful anti-oxidants which help fight a range of cancers.

Whey protein does have a higher probability of allergenic properties and because Whey does contain lactose, you can have a boost in insulin. I have written more about this recently.. go back and read it.

Plant based proteins are hypoallergenic and easier to digest by a wider range of athletes. Rice, Pea and Soy do have amino acids which help keep and maintain muscle function though they do not contain as much as Whey. As a detoxifying program, Plant based Proteins work well. The benefit of digestibility makes Plant based Proteins anti-inflammatory by nature and may be high in fiber which can help with weight loss.

Plant based proteins are more susceptible to contamination of pesticides, and poisons like arsenic. Because of the limited protein profile there may be a lot more additives to the protein as well. If you are into "gainZ", Plant based Proteins will simply not give you what animal based proteins will give ya!!

So there are some definite Pros and Cons to each type of Protein and it really comes down to inflammation and taste. You have to find one that works well with your digestive system and of course you have to find one that tastes good without a bunch of garbage in it. Good Luck out there, contact me with any further questions you may have going forward.


10m Groiners
10m Bear Crawl

Iron Cross
Glute Bridge W/ Reach
Dead Bugs

Squat Flow


Back Squat !!

3 Reps @ 78%
Tempo (1,2,1)

"Nasty Girls"

3 X
50 Squats
7 Muscle Ups
10 Hang Power Clean 135/95