120416 "Big Soda Take Warning"

It has been said that the Sugar Sweetened Soda Industry is on the way out in the same manner that Big Tobacco did. When the tide of popular sentiment begins to gain speed it is only a matter of time.

Since the obesity epidemic has hit a all time high, Scientists and some political leaders have been advocating against that sale of soda and the outright health problems that it poses to our population. CrossFit Inc. has also taken a mighty stance in the fight calling out the ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) for all the money it takes from the soda companies to pass off junk science and marketing.

But sadly, the Soda Industry is a multi-billion dollar industry just as the Tobacco Industry is. There is not one head that can roll and the machine falls apart. This fight is going to take years to accomplish. But the revolution against Big Soda is gaining support on the grassroots level. Cities, schools, Universities, and even grocery stores have begun to fly the flag of healthy living in the face of this monster of an industry.

Just the other day I found an article on the push that Philadelphia PA is making now to tax soda by 3 cents per beverage. The article (NPR) sites that the reasoning behind the move is founded in two equal parts. First off, Philly is notoriously impoverished and suffers from high levels of metabolic disease and poor health. Sugar Sweetened Beverages account for much of what these poor people can afford; sometimes a cheaper alternative to bottled water! Also, Philadelphia needs to improve parks, waterways, and public activity areas so people want to and enjoy getting outside and being active.

3 Cent taxes are not good for business... the Soda Business that is.

The American Beverage Association struck back quickly. According to the article, the ABA stated that these beverages are what people 'feed their families with' and by taxing them, the government risks making the poor even worse. Taxing soda seems to be the wrong way to make up for revenue needed for parks and public places. HUH...??

Big Soda, it seems to me, is perpetuating a cycle of unhealthy choices that got us into this obesity and health crisis. What it takes is the grass roots action from all of us to not buy any sugar sweetened beverage and educate others about the healthy options which you can substitute for them. Just as with  Big Tobacco, the public just needs to see it... feel it... and then act on it. We can all do out part to speed this process up. For the future of our economic, public and societal health we owe it to ourselves.


Roll Out Calves and Hamstrings for 5 mins.

Heel Walk/ Toe Walk
Groiners/ Step Drill
High Knee Pull
Quad Pull W/ Reach
Pigeon Pull Drill
Samson Lunge W/ twist
Marching High Kicks
High Knee
Butt Kickers
Plyo Step/ Falling Start
Carioca Figure 4 drill
Arm Swing
Side Shuffle
Sideways Jumping Jack

Running Prep : (Week 3)

800m Run 75%
Rest :90
400m Sprint 85-90%
Rest 2:00
200m Sprint
Rest 3:00
200m Sprint
Rest 2:00
400m Sprint 85-90%
Rest :90
800m Run 80%

*Now that we have established your exertion levels, now we apply it to distance. Still using the appropriate Interval Method for recovery purposes.


For Time

55 KBS 53/35
100 MTN Climbers
55 KBS

*EMOM do 3 burpees.