140416 "Gut bacteria and our Food!"

I have made the point to eat organic numerous times. That be in Plants as well as Animals. One of the main reasons why I promote such a habit is the amount of antibiotics that are fed to our livestock to promote health and growth.  As a result of the hyper antibiotic use in livestock feed we are now consuming meat that is fortified with the same stuff that the animals eat and we in turn become more prone to deadly bacteria strains that have become drug resistant.

Like Humans, Animals that are fed Antibiotics have severe issue with gut lining and bacteria. A healthy gut has a plethora or bacterial strains that are good, (but some are bad) , which keep our metabolic, hormonal, and neuronal processes functioning right. To be clear, the new science behind ADHD, Anxiety, Depression and Alzheimers all point to an imbalance of Gut bacteria!

Farmers are now taking a look at how Humans are getting upper hand and fortifying our diet with probiotics. Lactobacillus acidophilus for instance is a common bacterial strain used in pills down to yogurt and could help keep animals healthy — so farmers don't have to give them as many antibiotics. JUst as they are lacing the feed with anti-biotics, they are in turn fortifying the feed with pro-biotics instead.

Let it be known that grass fed animals and free range animals already get the appropriate bacteria from natural foods not feedlot foods like those in 90% of factory farms.

So maybe the tide is changing for the better. If our food is healthier, we will be healthier. Who knows, maybe we will find a way to keep our food completely out of feedlots and grow it locally... naturally. That will be the day.


Banded Lunge FLow; Elbow to Intep, T spine twist and reach, hamstring pulses, pigeon stretch

Hip Activation Drill; 20m W/ Band

10- Samson Lunges With Pass Thru
15 Push Ups

Skill Development:

Snatch Warm Up + Cycling Drillz
-Finishing the Pull
-Rolling Wrists over on return
-pushing the hips back far to activate hammys

For Time
"Botsford Benchmark" Record this time...!!!

1 K Row
21 Wall Ball
21 Power Snatch 95/65
500m Row
15 Wall Ball
15 Power Snatch
250m Row
9 Wall Ball
9 Power Snatch