210416 "Bone Broth as a whole Food"

My wife always has the answers. I come to her with an ailment or a problem and she can solve it. 10 times out of 10 she hits me with a nutrition solution. lately I have had injuries and she is not feeling well so she has made some Crock Pot Bone Broth..

Bone Broth is literally a cure all for many digestive problems, immune health and can be classified as a whole food. Let's explore some of these great reasons why we all should keep a pint of bone broth in the fridge at all times.

First off... Digestion is essential for optimal health throughout the body. If you eat processed grains, take a lot of medication or have problems in general with bowl movements.. you should get on the broth soon!.One problem in the digestive system is Leaky Bowel Syndrome. This occurs when perforations of the intestinal lining allow fluids to pass into the gut... no bueno. Bone broth has a high Gelatin content which helps heal those holes.

Glucosamine and Collagen are the building blocks of the skeletal system and Bone Broth is packed with both. The best type of bone to make the broth out of is the knuckle, a joint high in glucosamine. Through regular supplementation the benefits can be a reduced joint soreness and even a reversal of arthritis. Collagen is similar. For the skin, Collagen can help rebuild cells and revise the signs of aging. Collagen supplementation helps to support bone health and has been linked to injury prevention during high impact sports.

As a whole food, Bone Broth ranks very high. Phosphorous, Magnesium, Calcium, Vitamin K, Vitamin C round out a giant profile of goodness that we should all be taking in daily. Your immune system responds well to this natural boost in vitamins and minerals as it is very hypoallergenic. Even Protein amounts that can add to your daily intake have been noted in Broth Supplementation.

Finally Bone Broth is probably the cheapest supplement you can make yourself! I know that here on kauai, we have primarily grass fed beef of the highest quality. Doubling up with high quality, antibiotic free bones and natural vitamin and mineral goodness means that you can feel good about getting down with it on the regular. Optimal health is not far out of reach. If you have questions please reach out to Cristin or I and we can find the answers together!


Rotator Cuff Drills

Hip Activation Drills

Squat Flow

Skill Development:

Overhead Squat/ Hold ; 10 Minutes Building

3 Overhead Squat (1,2,1)

* After the 3rd rep, hold the Overhead Position for :15

"For AVA"

*A friend of CrossFit Poipu and former World Champion Jason Kahlipa' s daughter has been diagnosed with cancer. Today we workout in solidarity with his family and CrossFitters world wide in support of the ongoing healing.

400m Run
21 Ground to Overhead 95/65