270416 "Your Brain on Grains"

This Friday night we will be hosting a Nutrition Seminar that will surely enlighten and challenge you. One important aspect of the talk will the the Month long Challenge itself. For the duration of may we will be asking you to give up the consumption of all grains!

No... We are not trying to punish you, rather we are trying to save your life. For it is only when we exclude all harmful and inflammatory foods in your diet, that we can then diagnose and reveal the true source of digestive and health issues.

As a precursor to the talk I thought I might drop a little scientific fact on your about what Grains are doing to your brain function; because even if your do not show outward signs of digestive problems with grans and their inflammatory structures, your brain may be screaming at you to stop.. without you even realizing it!

Nerves are your brains fingers and toes. They are vital to send information and nutrients throughout the body and back. GLUTEN, one of the three main inflammatory and undigestible proteins inside Barley, Wheat, Rye and Oats can wreak havoc on your nerves. Nerve damage, brain disease, learning disorders, fatigue, and even stunted growth have been linked to Gluten intolerance.

The American Diet is chalked full of Gluten containing products. I call them products because most of the shit that contains this harmful protein can barely be given credit for delivering any nutrients to your systems. Who knows... you may be eating some of this Shit as you read this. And here is food for thought... Most kids in the USA are given hearty doses of this digestive and brain eating protein multiple times a day!!!

It is now assumed that over 75% of kids that are treated or suspected of having depression, ADHD, and cognitive learning problems are likely suffering from Gluten Intolerance. Kinda sad right. That is the future of our Country for crying out loud!

Physiologically this problem in both adults and children has been known for some time. Simple Antibody tests can be done on patients to see how they react when fed Gluten containing products. The antibody is a 'anti-gliadin' antibody and it binds with the Gluten Protein in the small intestine. These two combining together is NO BUENO in the body so inflammation in the form of 'cytokines' are produced and spread to the brain.

Inflammatory Cytokines are what cause not just problems in kids but it is what is causing early onset Dementia, Alzheimers, Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinsons Disease! Scary huh??? Now take a moment and think.. How many times a day are you dosing your body and more importantly, your BRAIN with this type of stress through inflammation??

Just some food for thought right?

I hope this small tidbit of information has set off alarm bells in your head and I hope it has filed you with questions. That is what we are here for. Friday night. We will be there to answer questions and send you on a healthy path. This Journey begins with one positive step forward. Lean on us and we will help make it possible!


Agility Warm Up/ Running Drills

Heel/Toe Walk
High Knee Pull
Quad Pull
Pigeon Pull
Plyo Step
Power Skip
High Knees
Butt Kickers
Falling Start
Side Shuffle -Arm Swing
Banded Buddy Pulls

Running Week 4:

6X 40m Sprint
:45 Rest In Between Each
4X 100m Sprint
:90 Rest Between Each
2X 400m Runs
:90 Rest
1X 800m Run


Row 800m
25 Double KB SWing

Row 600m
25 Single KB Overhead Squat

Row 400m
25 KB Snatch