080416 "Buy Organic"

Buy Organic!!

The battle cry of the last 10 years is now proving its relevancy in the wake of continued cases of antibiotic resistance in Americans. The wonton use of Anitbiotics on livestock is not only creating problems in the factory farms, where most of us buy our meat; but also in the homes and hospitals of millions of Americans.

Every year the scientific and medical community scramble to keep up with new strains of disease. This has happened since the dawn of the first bacteria many moons ago. Evolution demands that bacteria and disease adapt to do just what humans and every other living organism do, stay alive.

Since the 1950's farmers and Ranchers have used antibiotics either on the feed or applied directly on the animals to prevent pathogens from infecting the herd or the coop. Today over 80% of all antibiotics sold in the United States go not to our pediatricians or hospitals, they go to farmers for use in agriculture. This dramatically benefits the consumer and the rancher who are able to produce bigger, faster and healthier animals to a consumer who has nearly thrpled his/her meat consumption in the pat 50 years! The result also keeps cost low which is helpful for the vast majority of americans who have families to feed on stagnant wage gains.

As I stated before there are a few delivery systems for the antibiotics, topical,through the feed, or direct inection. Make no mistake, Antibiotics are friggin miricle drugs. The magic serums directly target and destroy disease effectively! What happens with overuse is either an adaptation of bacteria to the drug or a clean playground for resistant bacteria once certain strains are killed off.

Imagine you crammed onto a Southwest Airlines flight when magicaly your two stinky seatmates are thrown off and you can spread out and fart and snore and thrive without interferance!

Last year (according to the Centers for Disease Control) there were 2,049,400 cases of antibiotic resistance costing more than 30 billion dollars to our Healthcare system! Holy Shit!

Well there is an out here... Countries like Denmark stopped using these Antibiotics on their animals in the 1990's. And what happened? The animals got healthier!! Wow. Yes, the animals immune systems began to work for themselves resulting in healthier livestock and subsequently healthier citizens. Granted Europeans do not (relatively speaking) eat as much meat as us and generally consume less processed food but... you get the drift.

So what are you buying? Would you pay a slightly higher price if that meant the chances of future illness could be prevented? Most Americans would say yes right? Well we just plain don't. Organic, hormone free, Non-GMO, are all warm and fuzzy labels we love to see but when you have a family to feed on a tight budget, Americans are forced into buying the less expensive product.

Once again my recommendation is to buy CLEAN, LOCALLY SOURCED, NOT PROCESSED food. I can tell you that it does hit a little harder on the wallett, especially for a family of 4 with a tight budget but it is worth it knowing that my kids never get sick and that I know where my food comes from.

Finally, here is a little food for thought. According to the Centers for Disease Control, 53% of Chicken sampled in grocery stores has an antibiotic resistance to E. Coli. So wash your friggin hands, and buy Organic.


400m Run
10 Up Back Overs
10 Press Flings
12 Push Ups
200m Run
10 Standing Toe Touch
10 Berry Pickers
12 Jump Squats
100m Run
10 Mountain Climbers
10 Inch Worm
12 Hip Extensions


1 Round of :
20 Strict Press 115/75
30 Toes To Bar
20 Power Clean

*Rest :90

2 Rounds of:
15 Push Press 115/75
25 Toes To Bar
15 Power Clean

*Rest :90

3 Rounds of:
10 Split Jerk 115/75
20 Toes To bar
10 Power Clean