020516 "Dressing It Up"

One problem with transitioning over to a more 'whole food' diet is that we may cut certain things out that we used to use for taste and incorporate others. Dressings on salads and other marinades for meats can be a source of high fructose Corn Syrup and can significantly mess with your program.

High Fructose Corn Syrup is a very cheap corn derivative that is glazed, spread, supplemented is pretty much all processed foods. The concept is simple. Your brain loves sweet. HFCS is extremely sweet which is why they can make a bland bleached white flour product turn to CRACK in your mouth.

Dressings and Marinades that are marked with 'All Natural' 'Organic' and otherwise placed in 'green' and 'good for you' packaging can be hiding this substance.

Seratonin is a feel good hormone that is produced by the brain which tells us that we are content or full after a meal. HCFS actually supresses Leptin, an enzyme, which keeps us unsatisfied and craving more.

Your new salad obsession may look bland and univiting therefore our tendency is to dump dressing on it or quickly produce a good marinade with a plastic bottle from the store. I challenge you to try and mix your own vinaigrette with 2 parts Olive Oil and 1 part Balsamic Vinegar and salt and pepper to taste. The good fats in the oil will keep you full longer, the balsamic will not spike your glucose and add a sweet rich taste to the dressing. This same type of recipe can work for your meat marinades as well. Combine 1 ounce coconut oil per chicken breast and then some our favorite spices to the meat for a delicious and Fructose Free marinade.

Though the dressing may be all "Dressed Up" in a fancy bottle it may be hiding some sweet truths....Turn your products over and keep yourself educated about their contents. Keep the kitchen clean and reach your goals with confidence!


Banded Hip Activation and Lat Band Stretch

12X Samson Lunge W/ Pass Thru
12X Pvc Trunk Twist
12X PVC Overhead Squat
12X Superman Reach and Hold (:02 per hold)
12X Half Moon Stretch

Tabata :
Liner and Lateral Agility
*:20 work :10 Rest X 8
* 4 rounds linear line touch/ 4 rounds lateral line touch


Nutrition Benchmark

400m Run
15X OHS 95/65