180516 "Grass Fed Butter is Good For You"

Yes I said it. Butter is good for you.

If you have been living with the canned nutrition advice of the past 30 years you are already choking up and calling me out for being a total kook. But hear me out....

GrassFed butter has a hellova history. In fact, up until 30 years ago, Butter consumption was pretty much a staple in any diet and a crazy figure I found was that the average American used to consume up to 18 LBS of Butter per year in 1910! Another cool fact was that the Heart Disease rates of in the USA were as low as 10%.

Guess what they are now... Upwards of 45-50% in the general population. That literally is 1 in 2 people will be affected with a form of Heart Disease in their lifetime! Oh and by the way, our Butter consumption is down somewhere in the 4 LBS per year area... Just some butter for thought.

Now let me make my case for you to enjoy a little more Grass Fed Butter;

First, GFB is chalked full of Short Chain Fatty acids which are easily digested by your Gut Microbiome to provide essential Energy and Nutrients for building the Brain Neuro pathways. Efficient Energy metabolism that does not spike glucose and insulin production in the body means that your body is happy. Simply put, Short Chain Fatty Acids in Grass Fed butter create VERY LITTLE INFLAMMATION, GIVES YOU LONG LASTING ENERGY, MAKES YOU SMARTER, HELAPS YOU LOSE WEIGHT, AND MAKES YOUR GUT HAPPY !

Sounds a little better right??

You like Vitamins? How about A, K, D, E... How about anti-oxidants... Oh yeah Grass Fed Butter is higher in all those Vitamins than even some veggies like carrots and mushrooms!

Once again, the benefits are from GRASS FED COWS. These Cows are not only allowed to roam free in pasture which gives them the opportunity to eat a more 'natural' diet but also come in contact with a lot more bacteria than Cows raised only in a Feed Lot. When you eat From Cows that have Guts which can fight infection and have stout Immune systems, guess What??????

The Happy Cows pass on all the good disease fighting goodness right to you! Oh man, gotta love you some cow!

SO I hope you have enjoyed this little taste of what Grass Fed Butter really has to offer. Enjoy some in the multitude of ways that CrossFit athletes have been advertising for some time. Hell you can even smear some on your chest and lay out in the sun for a deep sun tan. There may even bee some benefits in that as well!


Squat Flow

Wrist Mobility

Tricep Mobility

Skill Competency:

Squat Clean EMOM

Min1- 8 Squat Clean
Min2- 7 Squat Clean
Min3- 6 Squat Clean
Min4- 5 Squat Clean
Min5- 4 Squat Clean
Min6- 3Squat Clean
Min7- 2 Squat Clean
Min8- 1 Squat Clean

* Ascending Weight... Begin @ or around 95/65


14 Min AMRAP

30 Cal Row
20 Pistol Squat
10 DB Snatch 45/30