230516 "Stress is affecting your digestion and performance"

Science has drawn me from my focus on the brain to the Gut. More and more I am finding that who we are and how we live our lives is linked directly to our microbiome in the Gut. For instance I used to be of the understanding that CORTISOL, the stress hormone produced by the brain, was introduced into the body by the fight or flight response in our primal mind. New science is once again taking that focus from the head to the Gut!

The brain runs off messages and energy from our Gut. Our Gut consists of our entire Digestive anatomy but primarily the small intestine. Stress is triggered in the brain but the brain automatically demands energy and information from the Gut. Your Gut is good at playing well with your brain and can send immediate relief.

But is stress is a constant and pervasive demand from the brain...

Shit goes haywire. Outwardly we have all seen the effects of ourselves or our loved ones when stress takes over. Classically, it is fatigue, loss of appetite, general malaise, and problems coming out the back end!!

What is happening on the inside is much worse. Health declines when our body is not using the energy from food appropriately. If stress continues for long periods of time there is weakening of the lining of the gut which can cause things like leaky gut syndrome, ulcers, colitis, and a kill of of the good bacteria in the Gut. Without going into too much detail; on the inside you are super friggin sick from stress.

This is why you may not want to eat some hot chili or nasty fried food before you are about to do something like give a speech or compete. The stress can make you go boo-boo.....

Hey Parents!! Here is one other thing that hits closer to home. Your kids do not have the developed senses that you do and are much more prone to the primal 'gut feeling'. Dinner time can be stressful for both parents and kids as we struggle to get them to eat their food, do their homework, and generally listen... If we make dinner stressful by yelling or otherwise causing it to be 'not so chill' , the kids are more prone to have the Gut/ Brain defects that attribute to poor health and a conditioning of high stress behavior.

Just keep that in mind, cause I know that I am guilty of it!

So the take away is, keep yourself chill and your Gut will keep you health and your performance as an athlete and person will benefit. Your Gut responds to the Brains demands and if we stress it too much, its like running at an 11 all the time!

Lat band Mobility/ Bully Stretch

Rotator Cuff Drills

6 Min Quality AMRAP
8 PVC Pass Thru
10 Squat Therapy
25 Double Unders
30 Mountain Climbers

Skill Competency:

Overhead Squat
5X3  @ 115/75 or 155/105

Tempo (2,2,1)


Against a 2:00 Clock,

Complete2 Rounds of ;10 Overhead Squats/30 Double Unders. @135/95
If you complete the reps, rest until the next 2:00 and then perform,

2 Rounds of; 12 Overhead Squats/ 30 Double Unders
If you complete the Reps, rest until the next 2:00 and then perfom,

2 Rounds of; 14 Overhead Squats/30 Double Unders.

Continue adding 2 reps to each consecutive segment until you are not able to complete the required Work.

*Your score will be total rounds completed, plus reps.