260516 "Is it gainz, or just Nerves??"

You may look at an athlete and think, "Wow, they are moving and lifting very well... it must be because they have badass muscles." Or, "They lost all that weight, so now they are really kicking ass!"

Well this may be true to a point but what is really happening under the surface is the nervous system adjusting, changing, and growing through Repetition and proper Training. Despite the size what is really making you better at what you do is muscular coordination and adaptation.

Muscles need stress. Yes I said it. I know I have recently written about the affects of stress o n the body but I am now referring to the GOOD kind of stress that our bodies need both on a muscular level, metabolic level, and hormonal level. Stress can be good for you... When the body is stressed during bouts of training it must adapt or die. Literally.

Through proper training, ( what you get in CrossFit Poipu), the stress on the muscle is very complimentary. When your muscles are performing work there is a real balance that is happening between the muscles that produce force and the muscles that create contraction. Remember all the CONCENTRIC and ECCENTRIC talk I am always laying on you??? Well that is what its all about. Nerves respond well and muscles are truly BUILT when there is a balance of PUSH/PULL or SQUAT/DROP SQUAT.

Lets look at the olympic lifts... I would be hard pressed to find anyone who would look at an olympic lifter and say they are not incredible athletes. They can pull with tons of force, have extremely quick muscular reaction speed and can produce tons of power in a fraction of time. The science is in Nervous system training. You don't need to be HUGE to move a lot of weight. You just need to practice the elements in the lifts to produce amazing results. Think about it... For every heavy squat or press that a lifter does, there is an equal and opposite drop under the bar before it. This is your body working all aspects of the muscle fibers.

Therefore you can be a badass ...

Proper CrossFit Training gives you all you could ever want. Muscles and the Nervous System love diversity which each day you are challenged with. The key is to just stay at it. TIME is the factor which must be accounted for if you really want the GAINZ!!!! More time in training means that the muscles must adapt and believe me... they will. You are more resilient that you will know.

So keep on keeping on you Fitness Ninjas!


Medicine Ball Warm Up
100m Med Ball Run
15 Med Ball Squats
15 Med ball Up and Overs
100m Med Ball Run
15 Med Ball Russian Twists
15 Med ball Toe Touches
100m Med Ball Run
15 Med Ball Sit Ups
15 Med Ball Clean and Wall Shots

Midline Mania:

200m Farmer Carry (Double KB HEAVY)
20 See the Lights 45#
20 GHD Hip Extension
20 GHD Sit Up
100m Overhead Carry (Single Arm HEAVY)

* Repeat for 2 Rounds. Any order is permitted

For Time
30 Wall Ball
4 Rope Climbs
25 Wall Ball
3 Rope Climbs
20 Wall Ball
2 Rope Climbs
10 Wall Ball
1 Rope Climb