300516 "Heros are important"

When I was young I loved Waterskiing. It was all that I cared about for many years and my aspirations to become a professional in the sport dominated my thoughts. I read every magazine and idolized figures like Andy Mapple and Wade Cox. These guys were bigger than life to me. They represented what I thought to be a 'heroic' figures in the world. As I grew up my idea of 'heroic' shifted to writers like Longfellow, activists like Edward Abbey, and Warriors like Michael Murphy.

The reason why I lead in with this is that the idea of HEROIC is important. Everyone has their own figures who they identify with their ethics and morality. From a childhood perspective to adulthood, the IDEA of a HERO is someone who has done something far beyond the normal human experience and pushed to new heights in dignity, compassion, humility, courage, and selflessness... among many other things.

I want you to pause now and reflect on your list of HEROS. Who are they? What have they done to earn that place? What does your list of HEROS say about you?

Today the HERO is grossly misconstrued. Today there are many people who idolize money, fame, and many other things that can blind them to really see what a true hero is! For instance, George Clooney is held in a very high regard for his work both on screen and as a philanthropist. Yet I still can find a GIANT difference between the actor and someone like MALALA YOUSAFZAI  .

Remember, A HERO is someone who has done something that mortal man can consider immortal. Another great example is Jesus. Its pretty easy to see that this man, many years ago, checked every box in the HERO test. And why do you think most people would agree with you about this???

The story has been told; and told well.

Michael Murphy was an amazing HERO. His story has become legendary in not just the CrossFit Community but because it has been told over and over to the citizens of a grateful nation and to people around the world. The story of "Murph" begins with a MORTAL man doing his job and ends with an IMMORTAL  figure who exemplified the greatness of selflessness and bravery.

If you are not familiar with "Murph" please read this article by Box Life Magazine HERE

We as human beings crave the heroic figure. Not only do they exemplify our moral code but they also revive us from a desperate state of complacency and cynicism. Limits stifle us as human beings. Watching or hearing of larger than life people which break barriers and limits, gives us hope; if even for just a moment. Collectively we honor MICHAEL MURPHY on Memorial day by doing a workout in his honor . For this brief time we get to remember that what we think is impossible really has no bounds. Through the actions of this brave man many years ago, we reflect and strive to live life HEROIC.


20X Each Exercise
Squat Jacks
Up Back Overs
Press Fling
Push Up
Standing Toe Touch
Iron Cross
Glute Bridge W/ Reach
Alternating Knee To Elbow
Alternating Lunge

Pull Up Prep....



1 Mile Run
100 Pull Ups
200 Push Ups
300 Squats
1 Mile Run