030516 "What you should B Getting in your Veggies"

SO you walk into the Produce section at the Supermarket or are pursuing the Farmers Market and you see so much good stuff that your natural urge is to buy it all. Hesitantly you go in for the inspection and quickly you are in default mode and go to the veggies that you are comfortable with.

B Vitamins are essential for metabolic balance and cellular function. Understanding the function of certain Veggies and their role in keeping you on track to success may help diversify you shopping cart and get you thinking outside the box.

B Vitamins Include, Niacin, Riboflavin, thiamin, and folic acid (just did a post on that 2 weeks ago). Some foods are great at supplying a dense amount of one type whereas others contain a variety. Thiamin For instance is what your body uses to regulate your HUNGER switch and keep your metabolism in check. Dark Green least veggies like Kale and Chard are good sources as well as nuts and pork. I see a meal right there which can help you reach your daily goal easily.

Riboflavin helps keep the skin and organs in good structural order. While we usually see it FORTIFIED in cereals and high in yogurts, you can still get it in asparagus, and spinach . If you pair those veggies with a salmon ( also very high in Riboflavin)... you have a knock out B meal!

When you think Niacin, think Nerves. From the GUT to your Brain, Niacin is the keeper of all things healthy in between. Nuts and Tuna for lunch meals can ensure you are getting all that you need during the day.

Folate or Folic acid in lettuce, mustard greens, kale, and chard is a powerhouse of B vitamins as well as Prebiotics!. I wrote about this the other week noting the amounts and frequency for optimal health. Dark Leafy veggies of all sorts are great for a sauté or salad and give you vitamins, minerals and lots of fiber which is needed for a healthy GUT!

Finally, B6 and B12 are in many fruits like banana and Acai. They are also found naturally in Shell Fish. B6 and 12 keep not only the nervous system firing correctly; more importantly they aid in the production and maintenance of Red Blood cells. RBC count is essential for optimal health as an athlete, carrying oxygen and nutrients to muscles, bone and brain!

Go Green and get the B Complex. Good Luck and keep the fire stoked!


5 Min To Roll out on the chest and T- Spine

6 Min Quality AMRAP
3 Wall Climbs
7 Push Ups
11 Ring Rows
15 Jump Lunges

Gymnastic Strength:

8X 7 Chest To bar Pull Ups
Rest :90 Between Efforts

* Utilize the Kip or Butterfly


Medicine Ball Clean
Handstand Push Up