050516 "Constantly Learn and Play new Sports"

This tenant of the CrossFit Methodology has deep roots in not just exercise science and wholesome living but there is actually a deep seeded Neurological benefit to adapting and changing environments and patterns.

The idea is called neuroplasticity... and pardon me geeking out on it for a moment.

Your brain is an amazing tool. It allows you to move your finger and at the same time perform complex mathematics at the same time. Even the smallest movement or thought is not without its overwhelming complexity. Scientists themselves are so baffled about the network of neurons firing inside your head that even today with all the science we can do, there are still more questions than answers.

Neuroplasticity is intrinsically human. It has kept us evolving over the course of history, adapting to environmental, and physiological changes. The course of your day is generally mapped out from when you get up to when you go to bed. Your brain finds comfort in that and generally has developed a neural pathway to guide you through this process safely so that you survive and see the next day.

What Coach Glassman was onto in his statement about fitness "Constantly learning and playing new sports" stems from the ability and need to adapt and be more 'flexible' in our brain function. A stagnant brain is one that is prone to disease. Constantly learning new ways to get from A to B, accepting new challenges or routines, and training the body and mind to be more coordinated are essential for brain health and activity.

Stimulation in all manners of things can be used to build the brain better. In our training, I will introduce a new agility movement for instance. You may stumble in the beginning but over the course of a few weeks you become more fluid. This is neuroplasticity, this is you getting BETTER.

CrossFit offers an amazing array of new experiences, movements and people. The environment is always changing so you are forced to adapt. So while you may be looking in the mirror for physical changes, deep inside your skull could be the best adaptation of all.


Banded Tricep Stretch/ Lat band Stretch

:20 Hollow Hold
:10 Jumping Pull Ups

X 8 Rounds

Gymnastic Strength:

12 Min For Quality
8 Weighted Ring Dips
12 GHD Sit Up
12 Ghd Hip Extension

For Total Time;

2 Rounds
50 Cal Row
40 KBS 53/35
30 Power Clean 135/95
20 Burpee
10 Pull Ups

Rest 3:00 between Rounds