100516 "Unconquered"

The Athletic Endeavor. A mission, a goal, a pursuit, a dream. Whatever fuels the drive the goal still remains the same. Striving to be the best and push not only the limits of what is possible but defying to nay-sayers at the same time!

For the Adaptive athlete OR Athlete who is challenged by a physical or mental disability, this pursuit can take on a whole other form than those of us with full use of our bodies and mind.

Through CrossFit and Tough Mudder I have been privileged to meet so many athletes who have risen from the shadows where society many times puts those who don't fit the mold of a traditional athlete. For the spirit is still the same. In fact, I find that many who compete with disability transcend the competitive spirit and possess a deeper appreciation of sport, are able to cope with the stress of competition better, and are more driven.

I have seen that the challenge presented in sport for adaptive athletes is more of a life changing opportunity rather than a passion. For this reason I would like to bring to light the Invictus Games which are happening right now in Orlando Florida. "Invictus" means literally "Unconquered" and that is what fuels Wounded Warriors, Cancer Survivors, Accident Victims all the same. Bringing the Athletes together bonds them physically, mentally and socially.

Being forgotten or placed in the shadows because of a disability has fueled the recent spike in suicides across the USA. The Invictus Games gives a voice and a community to those who have given so much for their country. Men, Women, CrossFitters, Humans... whoever you may associate yourself with, the very HUMAN need to be a part of something gives rise to an important cause like this.

It is all about perspective for me, as it should be for you. Chances are are that if you are reading this you have all faculties about you and have at some point today complained about how something or another 'Sucked' or was 'hard' . Now i am not saying that adaptive athletes don't say these things, In fact I have heard many of them complain about getting in and out of a wheel chair or trying to get up stairs. But the fact is our ability to get up and accomplish minor tasks are unusually hard tasks for many with a disability.

I leave you with the idea of Appreciation. Appreciation of your own life, your abilities, your own drive to be the best you can be. An Appreciation of those athletes who must overcome so much just to make it on the field of sport. An Appreciation of the interconnectedness between all of us as Human Beings. Understanding and Learning from each other builds community and gives purpose to all people. I am grateful for all of those able bodied or physically challenged people who I have listened to over the years. The stories are incredible and motivating. My appreciation for the stories is truly what drives me to live my life to the fullest and push all the boundaries of what I can be as an athlete.


Agility Warm Up
Tricep Mobility
Banded Mobility

Clean Warm Up;

Down/ Finish/ Elbows
Shrug and Pull Under
Hang Power Clean +3 Press
Mid hang Squat Clean +3 Push Press
Hang below Knee + 3 Push Jerks
Push Jerks

Skill Development:
Clean Complex:
EMOM 5- 3 Power Clean+ 3 Front Squat+ 3 Jerks @ Moderate Load
Rest 3 mins
EMOM 5 - 2 Power Clean + 2 Front Squat + 2 Jerks @ Heavy Load
Rest 3 Mins
Go Every :90 for 3 Sets- 1 Power Clean+ 1 Front Squat+ 1 Jerk @ Really heavy Load


For Time

400m Run
30 Back Squats 225/135
400m Row