020616 "Pair Your Foods Correctly"

As I was chatting with the very beautiful and very talented Liz Smithers today after an arousing Workout with some amazing people, we got on the subject of food pairing and its effect on health. We discussed at length not only what to pair together but also when to pair certain foods with each other to increase absorption.

We began our discussion with a beverage that is near and dear to my heart.... COFFEE.... This beverage from the Gods is not only special to me its also vital. Coffee has amazing benefits including anti-oxidant properties, metabolic regulation, and cognitive enhancement... But there are certain times and foods that can make your stomach not so happy or food pass through the small intestine without absorption... More on that in the Future.

What I wanted to educate you all on is something that I learned a while back and it involves eggs and these killer little enzymes called CAROTENOIDS. Carotenoids are yellow, red and green pigments in vegetables and plants that help with photosynthesis among other things. Green leafy veggies, tomatoes, carrots, apricots are all great sources. These powerful anti-oxidants help with cellular repair and production, as well as maintaining the health of the eyes.

Well... As it turns out you get much more absorption of these vital nutrients when you consume them with eggs or other fatty oils. Eggs contain their own menu of good stuff like protein, B Vitamins, and fat. Together with the veggies that you are mixing up in your salad, the Eggs kick in some anti-inflammation and anti-oxidative goodness throughout the gut.

So next time you are prepping your Mid day salad, be sure to pair it with a hard boiled egg to make sure you are completing the spectrum of benefits that all the ingredients have to offer. Personally the Eggs add a little more substance to a sometimes mundane meal . Make sure they are free Range, organic and GMO free for best results.

More to come about food pairing in the coming days. Until then .... keep it clean my friends and stay fired up!

Up Back Overs
Press Fling
S Waves
Black Burns
W Waves
2 Minute AMRAP
35 Double Unders
Max Wall Climbs
Rest 1:00 Between Each

Skill Development:
2 Push Press
1 Split Jerk

*Use 70-75% of Split Jerk Max

4 X
12 Toes To bar
12 Super man
Max Rep Shoulder to Overhead 155/105