270616 "Deskbound"

I am sure that 99% of you have heard of or possibly know Dr. Kelly Starrett. If you don't then you should do yourself a favor and do some research. Kelly has been a model for open sourced information in the CrossFit community for many years. I have personally known him for a while, been taught by him, and listened to his lectures. In fact, most of the Mobility knowledge that I drop on you all comes from this many and his many videos.

A few years ago Kelly wrote 'The Supple Leopard' which is a bible for many gym owners and athletes as it breaks down common faults and fixes in your movement patterns. Using very clear writing and my favorite, PICTURES!!, anyone can identify and fix weaknesses.

This year Kelly released "Deskbound" which tells the tale of the modern worker constrained to the desk chair for the majority of their life. Yucky stuff but the reality for so many. Kelly's contention is that sitting is the new smoking. By living in a sedentary job and hunched over in a bad position for most of the time, we are literally killing ourselves each day.

Even if you do not sit at a desk all day, the book goes into some very good training exercises that can get your posture reset and your mobility back on track. Even as I sit here now, I am readjusting the position of my hips and shoulders so that I am in a 'healthier' position.

If you are at all interested in a good read that has some great information this is a must buy! No doubt you will find something in the book that will heal you..

Squat Flow

10 Jumping Pull Ups
8 Reverse Lunges
20m Side Shuffle


5X2 @ 85%

*We are getting their guys!! The PR is coming. I want you to dig in and add 15-20# from last week and lets keep the strength gains coming!!

For Time
21 Hang Squat Clean 95/65
21 Burpee
21 Pull Up
15 Thruster
15 Burpee
15 Pull Up
9 Squat Clean
9 Burpee
9 Pull Up