060616 "A commitment to Excellence"

I would like to congratulate all the newly minted fitness enthusiasts who have earned the CrossFit Level 1 training certificate. While the course works is brief and the movements are given some time; the certificate meaning goes far deeper.

Commitment to Excellence is something that I believe is what you vow to do when you take the CrossFit level 1 test. CrossFit is a brand which is predicated on excellence. That is what has kept the sport and method growing over the years, it is what helped get you in the door in the first place! It is what drives you pursue it further.

The journey down this rabbit hole is endless. For me the journey has been amazing and eye opening. Like few others I have taken this ride into a realm of health and fitness which has changed lives and taken me all over the world to do it! To each of you the journey will be different. To keep CrossFit progressing and growing it takes dedication. That means education.

One article that I had all of my coaches reaches read during the internship process is designed to introduce you to the Commitment of Excellence that you now agree to continue . Read it HERE.

This article is just one in the thousands that are printed in the CrossFit Journal. This is the most incredible, open sourced, ever evolving fitness manual. If you have a question it can probably be answered in the Journal. I would suggest reading a few articles a week to help you get to know how to be a better trainer and community leader.

CrossFit continues to be a global leader in the emerging HUMAN movement of connectivity. Devoid of Facebook and instagram, CrossFit allows people to sweat, suffer and strive together. This movement is necessary and as I have seen... vital to the human condition. So hang your certificate high. It is a declaration to be better, expect better from others, and a testament to you making change in the world.


Snatch Warm Up
3X @ each
Romanian Deadlift
Snatch High Pull
Muscle Snatch
Temp Overhead Squat 5,3,1
Snatch Balance
Power Snatch to OHS
Snatch Pull Under
Hang Squat Snatch

Muscle Up Prep
Push Pull
Hips To Rings/ Bar pull
Turn Over
Ring Support
Ring Dip


Squat Snatch 135.95
Muscle Up

*Scale Accordingly... never scale range of motion