080616 "Pumping Iron"

Do you feel pumped right now?

Well if you do, there is good possibility that your Iron levels in your blood are at an optimal level. Iron is an essential mineral that you get in your everyday Nutrition. Iron is an essential component of  your red blood cells and especially the component called HEMOGLOBIN, a protein that transfers oxygen from the lungs to the organs and tissues of the body. Without enough Iron you can become Anemic. This is something that affects a number of people but especially Vegetarians.

With this being said, dietary Iron intake comes from both plants and animals. There are two different kinds.. Things like Quinoa, Beans, Chard all offer a certain kind of iron as well as Grass Fed Beef offers another. Without getting too over your head... I'll just leave that there.

The plain and simple thing is... Get it in your body.

Because it is so vital to your cellular function it is important that it is absorbed in the gut properly. Since I have been going off on food pairings lately I thought it important to drop this KNOWLEDGE BOMB on you. Vitamin C helps the uptake of Iron in the GUT!!!

Some killer combinations of this are ;

black bean and red bell pepper

swiss chard and oranges

quinoa and cranberries

Along with the right combination it is also important to know that Women generally need a bit more per day than men. I am not talking a ton more, but; since Women have slightly different physiology than men, especially while breast feeding... just mind the veggies and meat a little more.

Feeling pumped and excited for a workout or just being able to function through your day without crashing are important for your life. Make sure that the Iron you are getting in your body is making its way to your muscles!!

****A note about the next 6 weeks of training.
The Backsquat is back!! And I know you are all stoked about that. I revisited it this past weekend and boy it was eye opening. This week we will go back to a 5X5 and reestablish our numbers from our PR's from before the Opens.


Back Squat

*establish a new standard using your previous PR. Optimally i would like you to get up to 75% of your previous number but if you feel weaker today.. no worries.

Accessory Strength:

3X12 Single arm DB Row (Heavy)

3X 12 Single Arm DB Press (Heavy)

3X12 GHD Sit Up