100716 "Cancer and inflammation, Don't just take my word for it"

Sugar. Carbohydrates. Inflammation. Disease.

If you have been with me for even a short while, reading and listening to me about proper nutritional choices we circle back to the same thing. Eating is FUELING your body and it should be done in a way that limits metabolic stress. That is, your food should give you sustained power for your day, not a roller coaster of highs and lows.

The CrossFit Journal  has recently posted an article about the deadly mixture of insulin and cancer. The article link is HERE and it is another feather in the hat of the anti-inflammatory camp.

The article highlights the pathology of cancer through processed carbohydrates, sugar and insulin spikes. The article contends that cancer is not JUST a genetic disposition but rather the result of your life choices and environmental conditions.

Cancer feeds off sugar. I like how the article refers to sugar in your diet as 'fertilizer' in the soil. The cancer cells consuming and strengthening with each bite. I have written extensively in the past about avoiding inflammation through nutrition and not just fending off cancer but a host of disease and sickness as well.

A plan of attack that the article speaks of is something that we know well; The Ketone Diet. The ketone diet is one in which protein and fat are premium food sources and carbohydrates are limited. This lifestyle is something that many of you already espouse but there are varying degrees depending on your lifestyle. (i.e. athlete vs. chemotherapy patient)

So please click on the link above and have a read. The specialists noted in the article have clinical knowledge WAYYYY beyond my level so take it from them. The goal is to live each day to the fullest and for as long as possible. F^@K CANCER!!! don't give it any reason to grow inside you....


10m High Knee Pull
10m Marching High Kicks
10x Standing Toe Touch
10m Elbow To Instep Stretch
10m Power Skip
10m Lateral High Knees
10m Carioca
10x Dive-bomber Push up

Skill Development:

3X8 Alternating;
Romanian Deadlift @135/95
Pendlay Row


EMOM until Failure,

5 Straight Leg Deadlift 95/65
5 One Legged Burpee
5 Sumo Deadlift High Pull
5 Toes To bar