140716 "Joint Pain? Chew on a dog treat!!"

Joint pain can come from a host of different issues. Over training, poor movement patterns, old injuries, whatever it may be... joint pain is a real pain in the ass.

Many beginning or returning athletes complain of acute joint pain after training sessions and are many times worried about what they feel. I will say that it is probably the long bouts of INACTIVITY that have created joint stiffness and limited movement and that can create pain when returning to training.

Older athletes and folks who have been active for a long time can have similar aching joints that can nag them to the point where they are constantly taking anti-inflammatories and even having to take time off. Proper nutrition is the first prescription to cure sticky or aching joints because eating clean eliminates any inflammatory response that the body may produce.

Supplementation is secondary to nutrition. Glucosamine for instance has been proven in many tests to reduce swelling and pain in joints. Glucosamine supplements are probably the most recommended joint supplement on the market. The surprising thing is where these companies are sourcing their product.

Glucosamine supplements are primarily made of the parts of animals that contain the most of the substance. For instance, cartilage in your joints is made of the same cartilage as is in Pigs Ears!! Yep.. Pigs Ears. Moreover, many joints of animals like chickens, beef cattle, and pigs have the best source of glucosamine you can buy.

So go right ahead... chew a pigs ear, gnaw on a chicken bone and keep your joints happy!

If you take the glucosamine pills with the white powder inside you are most likely swallowing the shells of the happy shrimp from the sea. Glucosamine, your joint medicine, can be found in the skeletons of crustaceans. To save yourself money, next time you have a big shrimp dinner just save the discarded shells... dry the shells and then grind them up into soups or a broth and drink it down for maximum joint recovery.

With all this being said, the key to joint mobility is to keep moving. Live your life to the fullest every day. Jump, sprint, climb, hike...

:40 Row/ :20 Rest

3 x romanian deadlift
3 x snatch high pull
3 x muscle snatch
3 x tempo overhead squat @ 23X1
3 x snatch balance
3 x power snatch to OHS (hold PSn receiving position each time, each rep little deeper)
3 x snatch pull under
3 x hang (squat) snatch


For Time
1K Row
21 Wall Ball
21 Power Snatch 95/65
500m Row
15 Wall Ball
15 Power Snatch
250m Row
9 Wall Ball
9 Snatch

*Compare to 4/14/16

Cash Out:

50 Toes To bar
50 GHD Sit Up