150716 "Plyometrics and why you need it"

CrossFit can and will give you a well rounded and comprehensive base of fitness. Research and evidence have proven this. I have stories from thousands of athletes that I have trained who can attest to a better quality of life, weight loss and decreased injury.

But we want MORE. We want to be able to charge in our daily lives and dominate in our respective sports. Whether your sport is trail running, stand up paddling, soccer, or surfing... the goal is not only to be stronger but more explosive and faster!

Hence the importance of plyometrics. If you want your muscles to contract more forcibly and rapidly then you need to take a minute and understand what Im about to drop on you....

Muscles stretch and then contract that is the nature of the jump or the 'pop up' (press) off your surf board. Think of the jump where we dip slightly and produce a quick stretch in our quads and hip extensors before we explode upward or laterally creating a very large amount of force. The faster your muscles can create the 'stretch' and the more power you can get out of it... the more explosive you will become.

A great example of explosive force is in this video HERE

I will be programming some Plyometrics in our skill development over the next couple weeks and we will see how our bodies adapt and perhaps make some significant near-muscular changes.

Fast and explosive.. Lets get it!!


10m High Knee Pull
10m High Knees
10m Quad Pull
10m Butt Kickers
10m Marching High Kicks
10m Spiderman Crawl
10m Power Skip
10m Straight Leg Shuffle
10m Carioca
10m Fig 4 Drill

10m Lateral Line Touches

Skill Development:

12X Depth Jump -Linear

12X Depth Jump- Lateral

12X Bounding Jumps over object

12X Burpee Broad Jumps


100 Double Unders
50 Chest to Bar Pull Up
50 KB Swing 70/53
100 Double Unders