180716 "Kidney Cleanse"

Anatomy 101...

You have (or should have) 2 kidneys. These essential organs are vital for a number of different operations in your body to keep it running at a stable level.

Kidneys are commonly known as the organ that washes or cleans our body of contaminants, regulates salt in the body and helps keep our potassium levels in check. Needless to say, our kidneys work hard to keep us running smoothly. The Kidneys also see a ton of nasty shit that we like to stuff our bodies with! Drugs, bad foods, sugar... it all has to pass through our kidneys.

Your Kidneys are responsible for not only cleaning but also producing Vitamin D and are a big producer of Red Blood Cells in the body. Hormones, oh yes... those guys.... they are also produced in the Kidneys so feeling good and eating good are intrinsically linked!

Your Kidneys get clogged up with crap over time if your diet is not so clean or you have been running hard lately with alcohol, stress or bad food. Kidney cleaning and health is important if you have either a history of diabetes in your family, or just have been feeling a little 'YUCKY' lately.


I have been all about Parsley lately. I don't know what it is but I have been inclined to cook with it and even put it straight on my sandwiches. The cool thing about Parsley is that it is probably the best Kidney Cleaner out there (outside of Milk Thistle.. but no-one really eats Milk Thistle on the reg...).

Here is a KICK ASS Kidney Cleaning Recipe:

1) Cut up a BUNCH of Parsley.
2) Boil a pot of Water.
3) Add cut Parsley to the boiling water and let it cool.
4) Once cool, strain it and place the Water in your refrigerator. (right next to your bone broth)
5) Drink One glass of Parsley water each morning and watch your urine !

This is a RADICAL and QUICK way to clean those pipes!! Enjoy and thrive!!


100m Row
10 Push Ups

S Waves
Dive-bomber Push Ups
Samson Lunges
Elbow To Instep
Flute Bridge W/ Reach

Skill Development:

Pausing Front Squat (2,5,1)

*@ 75% of 1RM


Against an 9 Min Running Clock,

50 Abmat Sit Up

10 OHS 95/65
10 Thruster