190716 "The CrossFit Games 2016!!"

The games are upon us. Looking at the Leaderboard today I can't believe that out of all the hundreds of thousands of participants that participated in the Opens this year... the list of athletes has been riddled down to the TOP 40 men and women.

This year at the CrossFit Games the action begins Tuesday with the Masters and the Teenagers. The best way to watch these athletes go at it will be via the CrossFit Games Site or the link via You Tube.

Now of course the Men and Women will be amazing this weekend but I would highly encourage you to check out the Teens and Masters. These athletes are amazing and inspiring for a number of reasons. Here are couple of things that make them stand apart.

  1. Most of them have full time Jobs. The Masters Athletes that are competing have families and priorities outside of the gym. Yes, many of them probably are coaches or box owners but you know that the older we get the more complicated training time can become. They have shown commitment and determination to make it this far!
  2. These teens are the next generation of the sport. I mean, talk about staying focused!! As their friends are out doing what teens do, most of these teens are pushing hard in the gym EVERY day trying to rise to the top. I know for a fact that to make it as a teen you not only need amazing abilities but you also need an amazing support system. These teens come from strong communities that support them and push them in a healthy way. Pretty damn cool!

Lets get fired up and get behind these athletes!! The physicality has been proven now we will TRULY see what they have in terms of Mental Grit!

Lat band Mobility/ Bully Stretch/ Rotator Cuff Mobility

Agility Ladder Drills

Skill Development:

Kipping and Butterfly Progression
-Work the Hollow
-Get the most out of the Push Pull
-Know the difference between hip flexion and hip extension
-Bes able to go from a kipping or butterfly swing back to hollow on command!

*if you are good on the progression, work strength..
5X5 -Alternating
Pull Up Negatives
Supin Ring Pull Ups

14 Min AMRAP
400m Run
25 KB Snatch 53/35
10 Chest TO Bar Pull Up (or 4/2 Bar Muscle Ups)