260716 "Milk the Nut"

Pasteurized and homogenized dairy milk is not something that I will ever tell you to bet your health on. The chemicals involved in making that 4-7$ gallon of milk is pretty scary and you end up injesting all of it!!!

What I want you to get excited about is the prevalence of Coconut milk in our grocery stores as of late. Coconut milk is really not milk at all but the water inside blended with the 'meat' of the coconut that makes a milky and vitamin packed alternative to the commercial cow milk.

Coconut milk is silky, creamy and has a killer sweetness that doesn't need any extra sugar. Coconut milk not only give those of you with IBS or other gut issues a milk alternative with a TON of extra nutrition. One of the most important ways that Coconut Milk aids the body is through Lauric Acid. Lauric acid is a fatty acid that has naturally antibacterial, anti fungal, and antiviral properties. Most importantly, Lauric Acid in Coconut Milk protects the GUT from invaders in your diet an those free radicals roaming around your digestive system.

Coconut Milk has been shown to lower your bad cholesterol even though it is chalked full of saturated fat. Coconut Milk improves blood pressure and in turn, prevents heart attack and stroke. Coconut milk is also a great option for everyone who has shown allergic reactions to other types of milk, especially dairy.

Costco has begun to stock a great product for use as a perfect replacement for your everyday glass of milk and there is also the canned Coconut milk that I personally use in many recipes  to thicken up sauces and add extra flavor.

Reach out and milk the nut! For health, for your gut, for your kids...


Squat Flow

800m Run
10 Squat Therapy
10 Goblet Squat
10 Squat W/ T Spine Rotation

Skill Development:
In 6 Sets,
Build to your heaviest 2 Rep Front Squat

5 Rounds For Time
5 Burpee Box Jump
15 Front Rack Lunges
200m Run