270716 "Milk, it does a body Dirty"

Last night I wrote about the benefits of Coconut Milk as an alternative to Dairy or COWS milk. What I though would be a good pre-text to that discussion is why we should be considering other sources for calcium and protein in the good old white stuff.

First, if you are consuming Milk, yogurt, butter and cheese from normal commercial brands; you are consuming what are called 'conventional' dairy products. These products are from cows that live almost their entire lives on a steady stream of antibiotics. These antibiotics dwell within the cow and then are passed onto you when you eat or drink them . What this means is that you are susceptible to the same antibiotic resistant strains of 'bad bugs' that hit the dairy industry and kill millions of cows per year. Fortunately, Humans are valued more than our furry friends and we are placed in hospital with a nuclear dose of antibiotics when this type of thing happens.

But mark my words, the anti-biotic resistance is happening more and more... Just ask any nurse...

You have a higher chance of getting fat and unhealthy from Conventional cows milk. Because the pasteurization process kids all the essential 'good bugs' (bacteria) and enzymes... we are left with morphed and modified and even mutant versions that can get us sick and alter our metabolism to make us retain fat!!

Pasteurization oxidizes fats which creates a situation where we have 'free radicals' floating around our blood which can cause cancer! In fact, this process injects upwards of 20+ chemicals into our milk that taken over many years can equal serious health risks.

The bottom line is that organic and RAW milk is the way to go but is very hard to find. Since it is as easy to grab an alternative milk source for your family, you should weigh the benefits and make a switch. Milk is one of those things though... you were raised on it... it can't be bad right? Well times have changed and no-one has told you about it....Breaking habits are hard but necessary sometimes for the future of your health and your families health.


Banded Hip Distraction/ Roll Out Calves

3 Min Jump Rope * Freestyle

Skill Development:

12X Depth Jump Linear *At deficit
12X Depth Jump Lateral
12X Triple Jumps
5 Attempts at max Height Box Jump

3 Rounds For Max Reps
1 Min Max Push Up
1 Min Max KB Swing
Rest :30
1 Min Max Toe To bar
Rest :30
1 Min Max Wall Climbs or Handstand Walk (Meters)
Rest :30