290716 "Sitting is killing you"

I will admit that I am scared. I am scared of having a job that keeps me sedentary. As I think back to my early days as a kid I was always the one ready to run, express my energy, and get outside. Today is no different. What I have noticed over the course of my 36 years now is that even though I am moving, there is a big portion of society that has begun to sit still....

Only a generation ago there were a lot more jobs that required movement. From farmers to factory workers, people would wake in the morning and be on their feet until cocktail time around 5:00. Obesity as we know it now did not exist. In the 1970's things changed a bit. Our diets changed ( a topic for another lengthy discussion) and our work changed. Automation, computers, EFFICIENCY happened!. And that these things are good. Business is more streamlined, our economy runs somewhat easier but we are taking the brunt of this overall change.

It is widely know and mainly seen that sitting for longer periods of time during our day is killing us. Sitting has been likened to the new epidemic that smoking was just 20 years ago. It is now said that sitting can be cutting up to 15 years off your life ! This especially scares me as I fly a lot and am determined not to bug my seat mate for an occasional bathroom break! But it is a reality and it must be addressed. Plopping down in your seat each day at work and not getting up until your blood sugar crashes or your eyes start hurting is not a way to keep yourself healthy OR happy...

Here are three PROVEN outcomes to sitting for more than 6 hours per day:

  1. Heart Disease. More precisely it is the literal shutdown of your hearts function because of lack of use and the rate of perfusion to the tissues and organs. Weak heart=Early Death.
  2. Diabetes. Metabolic disease is the first sign of poor health when you are a sitter. As your sitting periods get longer, your insulin sensitivity gets worse and your fall into the cycle of highs and lows much more frequently than if you were constantly on the move.
  3. Obesity. This is linked closely to our metabolic diseases and even diabetes. Imagine a Bear during hibernation; the body stores fat to run on and it falls into a rhythm or 'set point' which allows it to burn just enough to keep all the systems running.

As many of you know, when you have sat for long periods of time your food choices tend to change as well. You get tired from sitting and need a 'pick-me-up' more often which is usually a processed and highly sweetened food product that is the worst thing for you!

Taking the time to move throughout your day should be as imperative as being a good employee. Your health is linked to your productivity. So get up and jump around. Show the folk in your office how to squat correctly or how to do some jumping jacks. Who knows, you might just start and office revolution???!!

Get up and get going, your life depends on it!!


Agility Work and Banded Buddy Pulls X 4

Snatch Warm Up

3 x romanian deadlift
3 x snatch high pull
3 x muscle snatch
3 x tempo overhead squat @ 23X1
3 x snatch balance
3 x power snatch to OHS (hold PSn receiving position each time, each rep little deeper)
3 x snatch pull under
3 x hang (squat) snatch


On A Running Clock, Complete as many reps as possible.

0-4 Mins;
750m Row/ Max Power Snatches 135/95

Rest 1 Min

750m Row/ Max Clean and Jerks 135/95

Rest 1 Min

10-14 Min;
750m Row/ Max Back Squat