010816 "10 Reasons why CrossFit Gets you HIGH"

When you walk in the Door each day for your daily dose of CrossFit goodness, some cool shit happens to you. Immediately its is hard to contain a smile as you see your friends and get a little puckered up when you look at the workout for the day.

Now, what is happening to you in that special hour of your day is emotional and physical. There is a reason why you hold your head a little higher when you leave class and get stoked to come back the next day. You are on a high! This high is what makes CrossFit so unique and special as an activity. Lets look at a few reasons why..

  1. You Boost Your Endorphins. Stress, tension, anger, fatigue all fade away once your class starts. Happiness and excitement replace these damaging daily problems. By training physically, your boost yourself emotionally!
  2. Your Entire Body is getting worked. Because CrossFit is very comprehensive and all about the Functionality of movement, all muscles are engaged including your brain.
  3. Your Bones get stronger. Through exercise you build yourself from the inside out. Its not just muscles that get stronger and bigger, your bones are able to regrow new cells after each workout. As someone over 30 years old, this is very important as we slow down dramatically in bone cell growth if we don't work out.
  4. Dat Booty Giggle!! Men and women can both appreciate a nice Butt! Since CrossFit training builds the backside (and my programming tends to like squats) you are going to walk (or hobble) your way out the gym each day knowing that your legs, calves and booty are strong, firm, and look A-OK!
  5. CrossFit is High Intensity Interval Training. Studies have shown for some time that this method of fitness BURNS MORE FAT than any other. You love CrossFit because when you combine it with optimal lifestyle choices, you leave each day more trim than the day before.
  6. CrossFit keeps you MENTALLY sharp. In fact, regular bouts of intense exercise have been PROVEN to cut your risk for Alzheimers, Dementia, and other neurodegenerative disease in HALF!! That my friends.. is badass.
  7. Your Heart is happier. Along with lowering your stress, your resting Blood Pressure drops when you do CrossFit on the regular. Having a healthy blood pressure keeps the entire blood supply system in you functioning properly and drops your risk of heart disease... especially in men.
  8. Get your 12 pack on!! No I don't mean drinking. I mean your abs. CrossFit is all about Core to Extremity Training so you are getting an ab workout each time you come in; regardless if it is a strength day, gymnastic day, or conditioning day!!
  9. Your balance improves. I see this daily. By coming and doing my warm up drills, running, jumping, lifting, sprinting; your body is building neural connections that keep you agile like a PUSSY CAT!
  10. YOU ARE LIVING YOUR LIVE TO THE FULLEST. CrossFit  provides you with an amazing challenge  each day that you can push yourself to accomplish and  feel damn good about it. CrossFit also provides you with an amazing and supportive community that reminds us that we are human, important and damn special.. You can't help from feeling a little high from that!!


Banded Squat Flow

Banded Tricep Stretch

Banded Pitchers Stretch


2 Pass Thru Agility Ladder
5 Muscle Up Pull Through
10 Sandbag Zercher Squat
15 Double Unders


5 Rounds for time

20 Wall Ball
30 Double Unders
10 Ring Dip