050716 "The body Hustle"

You have emerged from your dietary changes as a true champion. You have learned about Macros, what a healthy plate looks like and you have seen that it takes dedication to shed the unwanted inches off your body. Now we begin the hustle. The hustle is the twerking and refining of your diet to keep the inches off and fortify your dietary routine.

One way hustle is to keep your protein intake up. Protein in its most non-GMO, organic, and unprocessed form is highly important for a couple good reasons. Protein's importance isn't just about trying to make mad gains! Protein slows down digestion (as a highly thermogenic food) by making you body work hard to digest it.  Protein triggers the release of appetite-suppressing hormones as opposed to processed carbohydrates which send messages to your brain to 'eat more, eat more!!' And of course, increased protein intake is a sure fire way to make sure your body has muscle building nutrients necessary to sustain your workout routine!

Now, Just because you know what a healthy plate looks like DOES NOT mean that it must always look like that!! Let me explain....

Carbohydrates , nay, Complex Carbohydrates which are what you have learned provide the most amount of nutrients and fuel for your body, will fluctuate with your training. Some call it 'carb-cycling'. This simply means that your carbohydrate intake needs to compliment your training and activity level. Some days you need a lot, some a little. It is on you to know  your body and not push it when the activity is low and the desire to EAT is high!! Remember the dedication I was speaking of???

Finally I will leave you with this..

Supplements are essential. I believe that you should be getting additional Vitamin D, Fish Oil, Magnesium, and probiotics to round out your nutrition. The diet is one way to shed the weight but your food does not give your body all it needs to keep performing at its top level. Find a supplement brand that works good with your body and make it a part of your routine.

Habit is the result of conscious choices. Your body hustle is all about your habits. If you want it, get it!


Shoulder Rolls
Arm Swings
Scapula Push Ups
Push Ups
Half Moon Pose
Bow/ Bend
Hip Swivel Kicks
Mountain Climbers
Dive-bomber Push Ups

30 Min EMOM

Odd- Row For Meters
Even- Rest