060716 "Insulin in the AM"

Insulin in the morning keeps your belly round..

Its the hard and honest truth. I am sorry but no matter how much you want to believe that drinking your smoothie or eating your whole grains in the morning is going to be the best way to start your day... you are just adding more fuel to the adipose fire..


Adipose tissue is the technical term for your fat tissue and it is dying to be used as fuel. When you wake in the morning it is there, all supple and yellow, and accessible to your body for fuel. This fat is fuel not just for your morning run or workout, but it is there to power your brain for the first part of your day!

If you wake and shove a bagel or a smoothie down your gullet, you are blocking the body from doing the burn! Insulin is released by the pancreas when you down the smoothie and with all that hormone floating around in the party, there is little room on the dance floor for the fat to GET DOWN!!.

A much better way to start your day is with a high protein breakfast or some bulletproof coffee. The protein  ties a lot of energy to break down and requires your body to HEAT UP in order to digest it which burns fat. ON the flip side, if your body does not crave a ton of food in the morning then I would suggest a bulletproof coffee to get you going. The coffee with oil and butter gives you a clean dose of good fat for brain function and caffeine to boost your metabolic system and get the fat burning off to a good start!

Fat burning is all about insulin reduction in the morning. If you can dial in your routine to inhibit insulin production and increase your bodies energy then you have found the right key to burn fat! Follow these simple changes and you will not only get your day off on the right foot, but you will be seeing yourself up for a successful rest of the day.


Banded Hip Distraction

Banded Good Morning
Banded Hip Activation
Banded Trunk Twist
Banded pass Thru

Find your Summer Time Back Squat!!
* Rest is key. I would rather see you make bigger jumps and then rest in the beginning to keep the rep count low. You know your body.

*This is test Day!!


Skill Development:
Not for time

60 Supine Ring Pull Up
60 Weighted Push Up 45/25
60 Hollow Rocks
60 Superman Rocks